YOU | The Meaning behind the Mask.

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What was once the brightest thing in my life. Now just a darkness I can’t get out my head.

Some cruddy old writing I never thought I would make. The pain that I’ve gone through because of YOU is beyond Imaginable. Our history lingers in Every Object I see, the plushies, the necklaces, and the bracelet of hope. That YOU gave to me, to get through life full of happiness and trust, now cut off and kept in a box. That’s the hope YOU gave to me, the Hope I held on for a year, the hope I thought would get me through my emotions. Now hidden away never to be seen again, just like how YOU pushed me away without thinking twice, or did you? For a month, yes I remember, YOU held fake love for a month.

People say things happen for a reason, and what exactly was your reason? A lie about how YOU wanted to focus on your studies, then a month later dating my best friend, I would love to hear YOU explain it to me again, this time without all the sugar coating. Was it the fact that I was too nice for YOU? Was it the fact that I spend $400 every few months to come and see YOU, was it the fact that I bought your food, your games, or was it the fact that I have helped YOU through your emotions for months. Who was there when YOU cried at night? I was, who was there to comfort YOU, I was. Who was there In general. I... Was... I was there to hug YOU every morning, I was there to buy YOU Starbucks everytime we meet, Mint Citrus Venti with the teabags in, no sugar. Remember when YOU were hungry at midnight? Who was the one that went to mcdonalds to get YOU a fish burger with large fries? Oh hey, that was me! Who would have known.

Did YOU consider how I would feel? YOU know my past, YOU know I was left to rot by my ex, I was scared of relationships, but YOU promised me happiness, YOU gave me Hope. Remember when I gave YOU a birthday YOU cannot forget, after knowing what YOU do on your birthday for the past 2 years. I thought it would be best if I gave YOU the biggest smile YOU can have, thought up by me and arranged by all your friends in the class. Aswell as giving YOU a gift so emotional, it made your mom cry. YOU promised me that YOU would make this birthday the best, I have never once celebrated my birthday with a friend. I was so excited to celebrate it with YOU, and the others. But oh guess what happened? YOU lied. Left me just before my birthday, cancelling all my plans. Thank YOU, I appreciate it, give yourself a pat on the back for that.

The happiness I feel is Numb, hidden behind a dark mask, YOU did this to me, why? What have I ever done to YOU. I’ve been so supportive, I was there on your first day of school, and your last, aswell as your first day of college. I cried seeing YOU walk up on stage on Graduation day, I was so proud of what YOU have become. So proud. Even with what YOU have done, and put me through, the pain that I’m still facing, at least YOU are happy, at least your smile continuous on. And that’s what’s most important to me. I loved YOU so much, but I guess YOU didn’t feel the same way about me. I wish YOU an amazing journey in life, YOU are an amazing person and deserve the best.

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