woundedXenon Art Corner :O

Is this really a corner? No, don't tell mom tho-
HI on my last art thread I was inactive on for a while and got it locked because I accidentally necroposted (sowwy u wu) so heres a new one B)
I'm not sure if I should repost the art from the other thread but for meow here's new art >:D
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Here's a piece I drew based of Peaches (my oc (the cat)) and Nolvion (@NightWishWolfe 's oc (the not cat)) after an interaction where the snow was too deep for the 3'8" feline bakery owner. The first time I thought I was done with this piece I realized, to my own demise, I forgot a l l of the snow in the picture after spending an hour on the background *facepalm* anyway, I finished it up the next day because after the snow incident I had to put the tablet down for a while - v-; so uh yEAH take it, print it out, put it on the fridge, show ur mom and/or dad idk-
(Side Note: Wowie Zowie CF did n o t like how big this file was I had to crop it like 3 times)
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I also actually just finished up a piece with an old OC named Bruno, who I decided to revamp. I redid his outfit, looks, and even re-introduced him to Legendary the other night so uh.. yeah.. here's a demon prince for all your demonly prince-y things I suppose *shrug*
(He actually currently only looks like the first image. Is the second image just me messing around or a spoiler? Only time will tell u wu)
What is UP homies, I have brought you more of my art. I'm currently in quarantine with my boyfriend for a bit which means its time to sit on my computer and Xbox for hours upon hours upon hours- but hey I was smart enough to bring my drawing tablet too which means I'll actually try and do art things for yall.
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This is a scene from a (kinda) recent rp (it was like a couple months ago oh no-) I did with my homies :D
The scene involved Freya, who hasn't been seen in public since The Battle of Hiraeth, and Everest, a barn owl harpy who has also been missing for a while since the war (but for different reasons of course). Freya has taken up a new hobby since the battle and required The Sword Of Life to bring back her dead lover, Kokoro. Apparently she thought using an innocent bird-man as hostage would help in said negotiations (Sorry Everest ; -; )
(also??? backgrounds are hard so that's why I just use the actual plot (cough cough /home Legendary) for reference u wu)