WorldEdit logging and rollback


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WorldEdit logging and rollback
All players now have access to our new worldedit logging tool, it's similar to /inspect but with a few changes. Use /check to gain access to the tool but keep in mind that this will not give you a designated item but will bind the tool to whatever you're holding. In the example below I'll be explaining how to use this tool effectively to find and fix worldedit grief.

The picture above shows a build which hasn't been destroyed and it's in perfect condition.

The picture above now shows that the same build has been partially destroyed by a worldedit command from someone who isn't the plot owner.

In this situation you should use /check and this bounds the logging tool to my hand because I wasn't holding anything in my hand when running the command. For simplicity I would recommend that you bind the tool to your hand and not a block.

Because the build is partially destroyed we can assume someone used a worldedit command to destroy the build so by right clicking on a block that was right next to a block that was removed in worldedit we can see that "SuperMonis changed planks:1 to air 2m 16s ago" At this point you should remove the user who griefed you from your plot as a safety measure. If someone used WorldEdit to change your whole build into something like wood for example, this is when you would left click on the blocks that were created with WorldEdit to find out who did it.

The command syntax to rollback worldedit is //frb <user> <radius> <time> where you must specify the user, radius and time depending on your grief. If the plot owner in this example was BasicAly, all she would have to do is //frb SuperMonis 200 15m and the build will be restored however if the plot owner is nervous about doing a worldedit rollback a Moderator can also visit the plot, confirm with the tool who griefed the plot and do a rollback on the perpetrator's username along with banning the user depending on how big the grief was.

The rollback command arguments are the same as doing a normal rollback with /rb but I'll mention it below.

Radius can be specified as such:

100 = Rollback within 100 blocks from where you're standing
200 = Rollback within 200 blocks from where you're standing
300 = Rollback within 300 blocks from where you're standing
400 = Rollback within 400 blocks from where you're standing

Time can be specified as such:

1s = Rollback 1 second ago
1m = Rollback 1 minute ago
1h = Rollback 1 hour ago
1d = Rollback 1 day ago

We hope that this new system is reassuring protection for players who are concerned about their plot vulnerability :)


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Now there is no way to get away with griefing ;^))) thanks Monis!