The Rhyme Game


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Just like the title says, this is about rhyming. I'm not sure if this has been done before, but yeah here it goes.

This is how it works:
One person says a word, for example:
Person 1 said:
Then the person that comments next has to say a word that rhymes to the word said above, so for example:
Person 2 said:
And go on, and go on.
Also, another thing about this thread, if I say " STOP ", you have to start with a new word. The person to comment next can choose what word.
Also, you can't say a rhyming word that has been said above again, so if there's no rhyming word left, you can pick a new word.

Obviously, all the CF rules apply here.

Let's go. We'll start with:
Have fun! :)
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