The Factory Part 8 - The Finale


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Sorry this took so long to write
I just wanted it to be perfect for you guys
So sit back relax and grab some popcorn because this finale is gonna be Epikkkkk

Block has an elaborate scheme planned out to catch the staff team off guard for once, but she of all people should know.... things don’t always go according to plan.

Block, Omnii and Decade sit inside their hut whispering about their plan and shuffling papers, when they hear a knock at the door. Omnii stands up and opens the door to Mickey’s annoying familiar face. “What do you want?” Omnii snaps at Mickey. Mickey strolls past him into the hut and Omnii reluctantly shuts the door behind him. “I’ve got news” Mickey turns to Block “and trust me when I say, you’ll want to hear it.” Block motions for Mickey to take a seat, “Okay, I’m ready” Mickey takes a deep breathe and begins to explain. “Okay, Trash and Poe left the staff team together and-“ Block stands up “Poe left the staff team??” Mickey nods “I thought she loved it!” Mickey grimaces “apparently there’s a LOT you don’t know about the staff team Block” he places a hand on her shoulder lightly pushing her back down to sitting. “As I was saying, Poe and Trash left, and there’s been too many new promotions to count! Kasy- moderator, Rebs- Moderator, Goob- Moderator and-“ Block jumps to her feet again “Goob? Rebel? Kasy?? Why so many promotions??” Mickey sighs “it’s like their putting up defences after some people leave the staff team, it’s like- like their scared...” Block gives Mickey a sideways glance “scared? Monis?? Please.” Mickey shakes his head “I don’t know okay? I’m just the messenger, now let me continue!” Block’s eyes widen “there’s more?!” Mickey nods “just a few, DrowningBoy- Chatmod, ssister- Chatmod and that’s all the promotions I know of so far.” Block narrows her eyes “this does not stop our plan, it only makes our job harder. Which is why we need reinforcements.” A smile creeps up onto Block’s face and Omnii smiles too “it’s not ready yet but...” Omnii walks out of the hideout motioning for everyone to follow Block, Decade and Mickey all walk over to a small hill and step inside a small cave “where are we?” Decade asks Omnii pulls a lever and the ground beneath them crumbles and they all start falling down into a giant Underground secret base Omnii and Block have been working on for Months. Mickey and Decade hit the ground hard but Omnii and Block land gracefully on their feet, they both laugh as Mickey and Decade stand up complaining about the fall. The roof closes off and they are completely hidden. Mickey and Decade take a look around the white and red walls, fire spewing from every corner, with 4 rooms in each direction. “It’ll be finished soon don’t worry” Omnii says. Block nods “all I can say is” Mickey glances around “waayyy better than a dirt hut” the friends laugh and walk to the meeting room to discuss their plan.
Monis paces back and forth in his office nervously, nervous about what? Ecoya knocks on Monis’s door and Monis walks over to open it “it is done.” Monis sighs with relief and motions for Ecoya to exit “but sir, it won’t stop them, you know that.” Monis nods “I’m fully aware of that Ecoya. Now please GO” Ecoya hurriedly backs out of Monis’s office and into her own. He stares out of the window overseeing his empire, watching as Goob shows off her new moderator badge. “Show off” he scoffs. He chuckles walking to his door but before he can even touch the handle- Ecoya bursts into his office without even a slight knock “sir!! We’ve got a huge problem” Monis jumps back slightly startled “what’s the problem Ecoya?” Ecoya stammers “the problem- is Block.”
Block strolls into the Factory glancing over the rows of empty cubicles “my work here is done” she looks up and smirks at Monis frantically talking with Ecoya wondering what her master plan is. She walks to their new secret base and hops down sitting with the hundreds of ex staff along with Decade, Omnii and Mickey trying to calm them all down- yes they broke the ex staff out of the Factory, not only that, they created ex staff along the way. Block snaps her fingers and a hush falls over the huge crowd “I will take questions now” nullJava raises his hand immediately “yes Ramen?” Ramen bursts into speech “ya know, I thought I had a good friendship with Monis- now that’s ruined.” Block laughs along with everyone else including Ramen “next question please” Keui raises his hand “how did you do it?” Block smirks “simple really- I befriended the beasts” she looks at Pae, Beached, Lex, Neru, “They all helped” she smiles. Neru sighs “unfortunately Trash didn’t make it out- Monis knew she was close with you so he put her cage on full lockdown. Little did he know, you had many inside sources” Block frowns, not even Siri knew how to crack the code on Trash’s cage, Block frowns. “Why does he even keep them in there?” “He fears that they will spill his secrets.” Nakir Pipes up. “I feel bad for Ecoya if she ever resigns- Monis had me on lockdown from even Dawn for 2 months.” Nakir sighs and Block looks around, Izzy nervously biting her nails, Pae and Mickey are talking and laughing, Kaece and Keui rambling on about Monis, Beached and Lex are dancing in the corner like crazy people, ex staff have been cooped up so long they forgot what the outside world looked like Block thinks to herself. She walks out of the secret base and makes a beeline for the Factory the second she walks in she looks at Kqwi and Ing and they walk in front of her to the transformer “we’re busting her out” she walks inside and stays close to the wall, she texts Siri and he’s beside her in a flash “Monis really didn’t want her to get out of here” he says “I know” Block responds with a frown “There’s gotta be something u can do??” Siri sighs “there is-“ Block jumps up and down “then do it!” Trash’s voice is faint coming from the inside of the cage “Yeah get me outta here Siri!!” Siri nods “okay but it’s gonna set off a silent alarm- so you gotta skrt skrt once she’s out” Block stares at him with a blank expression “next time- just say hurry.” Siri shakes his head “sorrrryyy” he presses a button and the alarm starts blaring, as if it’s trying to break their ears. Trash hops out of her cage and grabs onto Block’s arm as they start running Kqwi and Ing run after them and shut the door as Trash and Block safely make it outside of the Factory. They slow down to a walk “so where is this new secret base of yours Block?” Block sighs “I’m not going there- but you are.” Trash laughs “I’m not going without you” “you love CF right?” Trash nods “Block glances into the distance- a sign displays “planet minecraft” Trash shakes her head “don’t you even think about it nerd!!” Block sighs “what else is there for me here? I’m a wanted woman now” Block laughs but Trash remains silent “come on, I’ve done my duty- I am moving onto better days.” Trash shakes her head “fine.” Block smiles slightly “fine?” Trash nods “yeah fine- I’m coming with you” Block opens her mouth to argue “there really is no point in arguing” Trash interrupts. Block sighs “okay let’s go nerd”

And so the two friends walk towards the end..
Or is it?

Yes yes yessss I know ePiK ending
Thank you all so much for the support on this and If you all want a Factory season two- I might be open to it :D
This is also to pay tribute to all the amazing staff that have left the staff team- and the amazing staff that have joined the staff team, here are just a few I can remember off the top of my head:

Ex staff:
@Beckyyyyyy ))::
And so many more )

@kasyune (congrats on moddd!!)
@Planuo (congratttsss on moddd))
@Rxbel (yesss
@Onhf ( @Inhf )
these are just a few that I am just like so happy and proud like gosshhhh but really the whole staff team is amazing and don’t get enough credit for the amazing things they do for the server <3
I hope u enjoyed- and stay cool :)
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Awe. Friendship. This was a great ending. A great ending to a great series .


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Mickey’s annoying familiar face.
sksksk you rite
and there’s been too many new promotions to count! Kasy- moderator, Rebs- Moderator, Goob- Moderator and-
efences after some people leave the staff team, it’s like- like their scared...
me and my friends actually joke about this everytime there's a big promotion upbring after only 1-2 staff resign
Mickey and Decade hit the ground hard
you gotta skrt skrt once she’s out”
skrt skrt