The Dolphin Challenge


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The Dolphin Challenge

So basically, how the game plays is this: Once every day for 50 days, you do a productive/relaxing task/activity. The tasks will not get harder and will stay at the same pace. These tasks won't happen on the forums, but you're encouraged to post your results on this thread. If you are unable to do one of the tasks for any reason, just use the first one as a placeholder. Again, you do one task every day for 50 days. Alright, here are the tasks:

Day One: Sit down and relax for a bit, preferably outside if you don't live in a big city.

Day Two: Do some basic exercise.

Day Three: Bake something delicious!

Day Four: Do a chore or two for someone, just for the sake of helping.

Day Five: Learn something new!

Day Six: Take a walk.

Day Seven: Take a run!

Day Eight: Do a little DIY!

Day Nine: Play a board game with friends and family!

Day Ten: Create a board game!

Day Eleven: Create something cool and original for CF!

Day Twelve: Listen to some music!

Day Thirteen: Create some music!

Day Fourteen: Take a nap.

Day Fifteen: Eat something healthy!

Day Sixteen: Build something out of Legos!

Day Seventeen: Donate something to a charity!

Day Eighteen: Give a gift to your neighbor!

Day Nineteen: Do something that benefits your community!

Day Twenty: Swim for a little bit!

Day Twenty-one: Read a book!

Day Twenty-two: Make a cake or pie for friends and family!

Day Twenty-three: Watch an educational documentary!

Day Twenty-four: Watch a movie with friends and family!

Day Twenty-five: Teach someone how to do something!

Day Twenty-six: Ride a bike!

Day Twenty-seven: Hang out with a friend!

Day Twenty-eight: Take a small road trip!

Day Twenty-nine: Eat some salad!

Day Thirty: Wear a face mask and set an example for COVID-19 safety!

Day Thirty-one: Try to write a book!

Day Thirty-two: Create a digital theme park, on Roblox or Minecraft!

Day Thirty-three: Make a game on the CF forums!

Day Thirty-four: Show some appreciation for someone on CF!

Day Thirty-five: Make a productive suggestion you think would be good to have on CF!

Day Thirty-six: Play a game of catch with a younger sibling!

Day Thirty-seven: Make a gift for literally anyone!

Day Thirty-eight: Celebrate a really obscure national holiday!

Day Thirty-nine: Play a practical but harmless joke on a friend or family member!

Day Forty: Help an elder do something!

Day Forty-one: Create a mini talent show for your friends and family!

Day Forty-two: Do something for someone that that person really wanted!

Day Forty-three: Have a Nerf war with your family!

Day Forty-four: Take a walk with your family!

Day Forty-five: Build something awesome for someone in Minecraft!

Day Forty-six: Start a fun project!

Day Forty-seven: Finish that fun project!

Day Forty-eight: Build a boat out of stuff around your house and see if it floats in your bathtub!

Day Forty-nine: Dance!

Day Fifty: Take a seat and relax!

That's all! Hope you enjoy!
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Please could you remove the part where it mentions the challenge as it is a sensitive topic and goes against the CF rules.