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Should Tavriel be a part of Creative Fun's Build Team?

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    What is your Minecraft Username?: Tavriel

    What is your Age?: 13 years old.

    What is your TimeZone?: Central Standard Time

    If you did become a member of the build team, would there be other ways of contacting you apart from using the website / server? (For example skype): Skype, Instagram, Facebook, Texting Calling, Pretty much any social media or form of contact.

    When did you first join Creative Fun?:I believe I first joined Creative Fun about 2 and a half, to 3 years ago.

    On average, how often are you online?: I'm usually online daily, but when I am online, it is for hours at a time.

    Have you ever been muted or banned? If so, please explain why?: I have never been banned from the server, but I have been muted, I believe 3 times. Two of the times I was muted for over advertising things, when few people were on. The other time was for supposedly "cursing in /l" I dont understand why I was muted for that, but if they have a good reason, they would obviously need to take action.

    Why do you want this position as a builder?: I want this position, because i want to be a bigger part of the Creative Fun community, by helping build the lobbies, communal centers, like /adopt, and just overall places for the players on Creative Fun to enjoy.

    What type of builds do you create? (Themes): Medieval, Modern, Detailed Nature.

    Examples of your work on the server (Post screenshots of builds you have created on the server):

    Do you work solo or in a group, If so why?: I mostly work solo, the previous pictures I have posted in this thread were built solo, but working in a group is much more convenient, because it saves time, and if you get the right group of people working together, they become unstoppable.

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