Server Progress - 08/03/2021

Hi everyone,

Over the past month we have fixed many long standing bugs and added many quality of life improvements to our existing features. This post will go over some of the most notable changes.

Changes to the report system
There is now an extra option in the player report GUI which gives you the ability to add a note to a report, this can be useful in scenario's where a staff member is not able to understand why a certain message has been reported such as players swearing in different languages for example. The new option is next to the green wool block and uses the nametag icon while being titled "Add a note to the report".

When clicking on the "Add a note to the report" option another GUI will open where you will be able to write a short note. Remember to click on the green wool block once you have finished writing your note:

Cancelling a report
You are now able to cancel a report if you happen to have clicked the wrong message, simply click on the "CLICK HERE" option in red to cancel a report:

Viewing your report history
While this feature has existed for a while it has never been documented on the website, you are able to view every report you have ever made on a player with the /reporthistory command and this will display whether the report was resolved or dismissed in a GUI. In the future there will be a reminder to view your reporthistory every time your report has been handled by a staff member.

Hex color codes in plot announcements
If you are a donator you are now able to add hex color codes to your messages and hex colored usernames will now also show the correct colors in plot announcements. To write a message with hex colors simply use &# and then the code like the example shown below:

Mute notifications
When a player is muted they will be given the link to the mute appeal section which should make it easier for players to appeal mutes they believe to be false:

Viewing your own mute history
You are now able to view your own mute history by using /mutes, this should be useful in scenarios where you may get muted while you were offline on the server:

Vote messages
Voting for WorldEdit or CF Coins on the server plays an important role in the server's ranking on voting websites. It can be annoying to have to see vote messages flood the chat which is why we have made it so that if you have voted for WorldEdit you will not see the vote messages of other players in chat. For example, if you vote for the server on one link you will gain 3 hours of WorldEdit but the server will hide vote messages of other players until your WorldEdit has expired.

Home limit
You are now able to set the same amount of homes as plots you own, so if you were to have a plot on each creative server you would be allowed to set 1 home on each of those creative servers. This should be useful for players who have multiple roleplays on different plots or want an easier way to travel to each of their plots without using /plot home.

Custom armor stands
As of right now custom armor stands are temporarily disabled due to players using an exploit that allows them to be placed anywhere on the map, we hope to have the issues resolved with them in the upcoming weeks.

Want to become a staff member?
We are always looking for brand new players to become part of the staff team, if you're interested and meet the criteria feel free to apply at:

We hope to start adding new features and new WorldEdit commands back to the server now that both the chat filter and majority of bugs have been dealt with. We're always open to brand new server suggestions so if you have a cool idea for the server head on over to: