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Hello All,
Ive made the thread as many people have been agitated and or incredibly confused on the recent bug that is damaging CF2 and i believe CF3

The glitch
for those of you that are not aware, the glitch occurring is a memory issue that is causing parts of plots or the entire plot to suddenly disappear *poof* and that it looks like that part of the plot was never actually there. but my friend! to stop your worries! read below!

When will my build be back!
The glitch from what I've witnessed takes a few hours to a day or maybe 2 days tops. i know its annoying but your build will come back, i have not tested this so i am not sure what happens if you build stuff in the chunk that has disappeared and or rebuild disappeared plot. give it time! don't make mass threads and or spam the shout box "my plot is gone!' if you are still worried after this post message a staff member or someone you know (if you want drop me a msg or mail on the server, ill try get back to you).

This memory glitch cannot be fixed via rollbacking, it has nothing to do with damage as the server files believe during the glitch that the blocks that was in the chunk don't exist, but of course once the glitch is gone, it seems the server can access the files that state the blocks existence (i have no proof of this, its a mere theory that makes semi-sense to what is going on)

Fixing this glitch
Of course monis and his team is working hard (along with their human life they live!) to fix this big glitch on CF, remember! glitches happen, monis and the others don't plan on them appearing as they are errors in the system that occur randomly. hopefully it will be fixed soon but i cannot promise you any set dates as i am not a programmer and I'm not working on the project to fix it

A notice, please read
Id like you all to know that you will get your builds back, and yes it is very worrying that things are disappearing but just know, it will be ok. CF will be fixed soon and we can forget this damaging bug even faced us (and we will know! cf in a dark time, is still amazing!). Instead of making a thread, just think about what I've said here, need more help? like I've said above ask someone to see if they can help, mail me on the server if you need to, I've tried to learn as much as i can to help.

Thank You For Reading
I do hope this helps with all your confusion and worries with the situation at hand​
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I remember having a massive collaborative project on my CF2 plot being ruined by one of these "glitches." This happened sometime back in late 2015/early 2016. Weeks of work by not only myself but also by my friends disappeared overnight. At first, we attempted to rebuild what was lost, but it was quickly apparent that too much was erased to be properly rebuilt. Eventually, I decided to reset the plot in hopes of starting a new project from scratch. Things didn't really go as planned for the second project as morale was low so it ended up getting abandoned. I'm still not sure if there was ever a chance for the amount of builds lost by the glitch to magically recover by themselves, but if there was...

then the fact that I cleared the entire plot is even more unfortunate.

Point is, listen to this thread and, in the case of this glitch occurring for you or a friend, remain patient and don't make any rash decisions that you will regret later on. Hopefully this gets resolved soon, and best of luck to the rebuilding efforts of those who have experienced this tragedy. :c