Server is now 1.12


Server Owner
Server is now 1.12!

New donator features
We have fully updated to 1.12 and this includes adding parrots to the server. If you're a donator $55 or above you can now spawn a pet parrot and choose what colour you want it to be by right clicking on the pet. If you're a $100 donator you can now disguise as a parrot. More options with disguises have also been enabled where you can set disguises to glow, an example of this would be using /disguise parrot setglowing or if you want to be a glowing blue bird you would use /disguise parrot setglowing setvariant blue. Parrots can be either gray, blue, cyan, green or red.

Server maintenance
Creative2 is likely to be down for a couple of hours during Thursday, this is so that we can introduce some new plot features including being able to set plots to survival :)