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Now that It's been a while since my last introduction I will start again.

Name: Francesca (Fran)

Age: 19

Location: Rhode Island - USA

Occupation: College student. :(

Major: Computer Science

Hobbies: Drawing, Video games

Pets: I have a chameleon named Mealy. (Pics below)!

"Interesting" Things about me: I became a ChatMod almost one month ago, I started playing Minecraft when I was 13. Yes, I have always been a nerd. I like to think I started liking video games and "nerdy" stuff because of my older sister. My sister is 9 years older than me so her being a child in the 90's (The era of Pokémon) A lot of her stuff got passed down to me. (Gameboys, Nintendos, Playstations) so at a very young age I was introduced to technology and then, computers. Because of growing up in the age when computers were first becoming a common household item, I spent time playing computer games - CD ROMS, which stuck with me all the way up to adulthood. Even though I am an adult, I am still a kid in many ways. Being "dorky" or "childish" is something I love about myself. I am a very solitary person and I like to have my own space, which means that being able to play video games or draw or watch TV by myself is incredibly valuable time to me. I have lots of friends, but at the end of the day I'd rather be at home with my computer than out with a group. Even though I am technically "grown up" I still use the phrase "When I grow up...", So when I grow up, I see myself working with computers for my career. Not sure in which field, but having technology around me is a necessity. I love reptiles (as you might have guessed). I believe there are 3 people in this world; Cat people, Dog people, and reptile people - I am a reptile person. I guess I am because I love weird animals and I love owning exotic pets. (One day I hope to have a snake). My favorite type of movies are horror. And now, I guess that is it and as promised here's that picture of my beautiful girl:

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