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1.9 Server issues

I'm making this post to inform everyone about the issues 1.9 has brought to the server. Although there are no new items banned besides end crystals. 1.9 has a huge problem with the way it handles chunks both client side and server side and has changed from the efficient way 1.8 handled chunks. Here's just a few of the problems:

The 1.9 client keeping chunks stored longer than the server (Defeating the purpose of server view distance)
Server not unloading chunks properly (Server load keeps increasing continuously)
When forcefully trying to unload a chunk it is loaded in again (Custom fix doesn't work)

Mojang has definitely changed something with rendering chunks however no one is quite sure what was changed to make the performance so bad and therefore the server has been having all sorts of lag issues. For now we have set the limit to 350 on Creative1 and 300 on Creative2 until the issue is sorted. We realise this isn't the positive start we all expected from 1.9 but limiting the server's player limit is the only way to prevent crashes from occurring. I hope that everyone is understanding of our stance in regards to everything that is being taken place.
Hi SuperMonis,

man i am so sad that i cant join or even play minecraft...

if you made changes to the server can you take screen shots of it and if you can go to my plot on creative fun server 2 my user is ryan0x2 and please take a screen shot of it if you can and email the files to me. i want to have memories because it may be my last with minecraft until i get tjis hacker reported.

email address:


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Ah! I was worried, my CF2 plot got recently wiped of the front of it, I have rebuilt about a chunk but I am waiting for the rest to get rollbacked, hope its fixed soon! :p