Quercus - An Epic Medival Fantasy RP


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"In the beginning, there was only the stars, the cosmos and the spirits. Among them the beings of light lived peacefully. The Angels as they were called were the beings of pure good, but beyond the edges in the shadows of nothingness lay dormant, the final enemy. The Chaos. Once the chaos awoke, one by one the stars were destroyed, the Angels all but destroyed, but it just... Vanished. Into thin air back to the shadows of nothingness. In the aftermath, Quercus was born from a star a world of untold beauty and magic. The Well of Stars was created, and the Guardian of Quercus, the Mundi Noctua, was born from the Light. People arose, Men, Elves, Dwarves, any many others woke from the sands of time and created mighty cities and gathered untold riches. Quercus... is at peace. But for how long? The Battle of the Blue ended the First Redwater Succession War, which established Highrock as an Independent Realm under Empress Allura Cosmis, the Head of the Mages Guild. But that was five years ago, and no Redwater and Highrock again vie for influence and power in Quercus. The Pirates sit on their treasure, and raid the Seychils, while the Jianxan prepare for another Redwater Incursion. Meanwhile the Assassins Guild, strikes it big with contracts for the great leaders of the major powers. Beyond the galaxy the chaos lies dormant... One day to invade and destroy the whole cosmos..."

Quercus is a project of love and passion between builders and storywriters and a tribute to our former roleplay, Casterly Rock. We spent the better part of two months creating this experience so that the community could enjoy it. Quercus runs daily and we hope to see you there next run!

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Welcome to the new age...
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How in sam hell did you make the plot that big? Idk if I'm just tripping but this plot seems miles larger than normal plot size. This is an amazing build and I most likely will start coming here.