Probably the most random stuff that you'll ever read in your entire life.


Disclaimer: W E I R D S T U F F A P P R O A C H I N G

Basically this is some random stuff that I randomly came up with in the shower, the haven for the brain.
So- I hope that you enjoy these godly stories.

1. There was once a piece of broccoli that was green and it was a carnivore! So, it ate other broccoli, making it a cannibal then it grew wings, and ascended into the sky making the clouds explode.

That's how bowls were made.

2. There was once a porkchop that was thrown into a volcano, little did anyone know the porkchop was GOD so, the porkchop *e x p l o d e d* ergo destroying the world, and all life as we know it.

3. Once upon a time there was a kingdom called the Porkchop Kingdom
whom were rivaling against the enemy Sausage Kingdom and the world was in peril! and so the King and Queen of Porkchop Kingdom *e x p l o d e d*, causing an end to the war!
and the world *cough*

4. There was a car that ran over a nail and popped it's tire.
Then spaghetti was invented.

5. There was once a goat. The goat went " b-a-a-a "

And saved the world from an asteroid.

AND THEN THE GOAT *e x p l o d e d*

6. There was a bowl of macaroni & cheese on the table, then the Mailman *knocked knocked* on the door, and delivered a man eating magic ceiling which then absorbed the mac and cheese, turning the ceiling into a fish and then the fish ate the Mailman

Aight that's enough cursed stories for today.

AND THEN THE FORUM *e x p l o d e d*