Old CF vs New CF: Universal Crisis (ft. Tori_Mega)


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It was 9 months later when CreativeFun moves on to the future... Holly, Cooper, Cecelia, Selfehh and many others in CreativeFun have been killed... SuperMonis still went to CreativeFun for half a decade (5 years), when the Neo Deadlocked Club has been taken over... AceTheSSJ4 (aka Neo-Ace), Memekyu (Neo-WhiFu), Towl and their co-bosses in the Neo Deadlocked Club, and the leader, AwesomeBro9889 (AwesomeDude6886's Brother) wanted to turn CreativeFun into a Neo CF. Everyone has been hacked, MadTG finally beat AwesomeDude6886. Two months later, MadTG changed his name to iiDecade due to another CreativeFun era.

There are so many graves, MissGab, ToriTG and nnpappas have been trapped by Neo Deadlocked Club. AwesomeBro9889 and iiDecade battled at each other, Decade was out of power, so that makes him weak. Towl and Memekyu dragged Decade to his grave, like the others. SuperMonis and Dawnkillerx were too weak to beat AwesomeBro9889. Everyone in CF was worried about the owners. And now, CreativeFun has been split up into three groups: Nova CF, Delta CF and Gamma CF.

"Decade is dead... What am I going to do to revive Decade?" TombSpyder was worried... Naariii and NikkiIsAussie kept muting rulebreakers for spam, encouraging spam, etc. They have been warned that both Naariii and NikkiIsAussie are separated into different groups.

In the CreativeFun Forums, the ChatMod apps have been changed, the Ban/Mute Appeals have been changed, and all the members have been vanquished. "We can't salute without Decade!! iiDecade is a good guy, we need a player healer now!!" _Savage_MEMEZZZ_ was scared about Decade. In the Neo Deadlocked Club Base, AwesomeBro9889 tried to phish iiDecade's data, because he can be controlled. AwesomeBro9889 decides to give a group a reward, which is the Strict Emotion Decade. He is eviler than the normal Decade. Strict Emotion Decade used his dark powers to eliminate all the elements from CreativeFun. Staff tried to warn him, Strict Emotion Decade takes all the ChatMods' privileges away.

The donors have fought Awesomebro9889, making the users taking back in time when CF becomes worse, while staff are giving out punishments that easy. The /nick command was there and went back to Minecraft 1.6 where hardened clay and horses were introduced. CreativeFun is still old, staff are giving out warnings and kicks. Awesomebro9889 took down all the older staff. AngelGodess has located every user and has lots to take care of. (e.g. mutes, kicks, etc.)

In the future CF, Decade is still trapped and he is still not responding because he has been controlled by Neo Deadlocked Club. Awesomebro9889 took care of everyone's plots. A new hero has stopped Awesomebro9889 and that was Tori_Mega.

The other heroes have saved Decade from all that danger and try to combine all three CF servers together into one CreativeFun. Decade and the other players have coded back and brought back the chatmods' privileges. The staff are taking war against those hackers, with the help of Tori_Mega and iiDecade. They were the heroes in different dimensions, but they help CreativeFun a better place to avoid any hacking.
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