October update


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Hi all,

This is more of a progress report thread rather than a server update thread. We've recently reset all the player data on the server which includes homes, seen, friends, cf coins and name colour. We hope that this time there won't be any game breaking bugs such as not being able to speak in chat, not being able to remove certain friends, not being able to add certain players and friend lists deleting at random. Doing /seen on players will now show all previous usernames from this date forward unlike before where it only showed one. The website software has also been updated and redesigned to add new features and work very well on mobile devices.
We've also given access to the AD Styler which will allow you to customise the colours on the website to whatever you find to be your preference. We also plan to update from using http to https displayed in the link which may result in the forums being unusable for a few hours on Wednesday.

On a separate note, I've found that a lot of players find the current /head system very limiting when it comes to spawning decorative heads. This is why in a few days we plan to add a new command called /heads, this will bring up a gui with 2000+ decorative heads to choose from split into multiple categories and will not have any cooldown restriction put in place. These categories may include but are not limited to: pokemon, furniture and food. In addition to this, selling plots on the store is EULA compliant so we plan to give users the option to pay $10 per plot in the upcoming weeks where the max plot limit does not apply. This is a good way to make up for the recent removal of the unban and unmute options from the store. We currently have a large amount of plots on the server so it has been decided that if a plot is not built on within a whole month it will be cleared, this is because we've had our creative servers up for a long time and while before it wasn't really necessary to clear inactive plots it has come to a point where we have to do this.

The last two months have been slow in terms of new features and this was mainly due to the issues with our old player file system which we have now solved. Now that the issue has been sorted out I feel like I've overcome a large barrier that was preventing me from doing anything server related. I feel a lot more at ease and motivated to work on newer, bigger and exciting things for the server. I plan to start looking over some server suggestions at some point next week along with making progress to the new chat filter in progress.


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Already loving the new changes!

Will the AD Styler be available for mobile devices some time soon or in the future?


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Already loving the new changes!

Will the AD Styler be available for mobile devices some time soon or in the future?
It's available on mobile devices right now. :p

Most update posts are usually great, and so is this one. The only thing I think is that $10 for a plot is a little much. Otherwise everything is perfect.
thanks monis, the heads have been a huge pain and i have had the problem where i could not add a certain friend. thanks monis


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Selling plots is EULA compliant?

https://mojang.com/2014/06/lets-talk-server-monetisation-the-follow-up-qa/ said:
If all players get access to a feature such as a plot of land, can I sell access to multiple plots for hard currency?
No - that would be a gameplay affecting change, so it’s not allowed. All player who access your server must have the same gameplay features offered to them. The same rule applies to items, such as potions.