New Hub and some extra pets/disguises


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New Hub and some extra pets/disguises

Hi everyone,

As you may have noticed we have added a new build for hub built by @Pie3 We hope that everyone likes it and thought it would be informative to post about this on the website. In addition to this, some new pets and disguises have been added to the donator ranks.

Added pets: Husk, Stray, Vex, Rabbit, ZombieVillager, Mule, Guardian, ElderGuardian
Added disguises: Vex, WitherSkeleton, ZombieVillager, Endermite, Silverfish, Husk, Vindicator, Stray

We've chosen to use Holograms instead of signs for the hub since they look better and have fixed the /buy command which should now work on all servers. We've also moved over to a new permission system which should sort out many donation issues. We plan to do some fancy things with the scoreboard soon to make it look more clean and colourful so keep an eye out for that :)


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I really like the new hub build @Pie3!
Great Job!

However I did really like the design of the old Hub. I thought the 'clockwork' aspect of it was really unique, whereas many other servers have a castle type hub.
I do still really like the new Hub though!
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