Name Every Player that You are Friends with in CF!


Server Moderator
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Ok guys stick around this is gonna be a huge list and I'm probably gonna forget a BUNCH of ppl but ye that happens when you're a good friend (cOUgh xD I'm terrible ok stop judging) but I mean if I forgot you it's not cos I forgot you it's just that my memory has insufficient abilities to remember all of the ppl I hang out with (aka I forgot- I mean what no) xD
I'm so sorry if I did leave you out :(

Kqwi @Kqwi
FqreverFqded @FqreverFqded
Jeessica @Jeessica
meggiisbi @HunnyImBi
FqreverAlqne @FqreverAlqne
Kittuwu @MerryKittimas
MerryIngmas @MerryIngmas
blockenuii @blockenuii
__Kas @__Kas
blcssom @blcssom
Mireiia @Mireiia
Planuo @Planuo
kasyune @kasyune
*Insert almost every staff member here*

Eh I forgot some usernames so I didn't include them and I also forgot some ppl sorry :(
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Im not on the server rn and I can’t remember me friends names xD