Is ranting legal ?


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If not. Then this is criticism

The server is going downhill. You can’t deny it

CF was incredibly some months ago. The rules weren’t horrible. Only good suggestions went on. Everyone was fine. I’ve come back here not long ago and everything is just wrong

Protection of children went to a new scale. You protect the smaller ones massively and ruin everything for the older ones. Who will move on to servers that are mature and offer the same. You have not changed what you are offering in terms of free or low cost (donations wise) and are adding rules that make people have a poor impression. It was of big debate that mutes were issued poorly back then. Now we just have reallly and I mean REALLY vague warnings and the staff say nothing after these. Things staff swore were not to be added and the evidence against it stacked higher than Donald trumps ego was still added, “cough” roleplay names.

What happened. Nothing was going bad. A decline was happening but you did not solve this ! You made the situation worse

I think the biggest mistake was banning kidnapping under the reason of child kidnapping. Which is absolute balony ! I’ve been here so long over a year and not once I suffered issues of child kidnapping. The issue itself never had problems and one of my closest friends was 9! Yes 9 and he had no problems at all concerning kidnapping. It just shows you those kids that complained have no maturity whatsoever and in my opinion their view should not be valued as highly as those who actually understand. Would you listen to someone who does not know the answer. Or the guy that does ? It’s straightforward.

Stop going downhill! I will fight against all these false laws if I need to because so much of them are wrong. The ones that were big in the suggestions forums, such as myself who gave large insights and probably shifted views on topics, left !! And guess what happened !! Bad things. Horrible mistakes.

The server is declining and things are not being done to benefit it. I understand you want a child friendly environment but friendly and overprotective are two very different things. You are sacraficing players for stupid unneeded protections

To the younger children that don’t believe my view. There is a magic statement everyone lives by and it is one of the most IMPORTANT life skills on the internet. If you do not like what you see or hear. Then simply leave. You do not gain anything from staying. Don’t like the people ? Leave.
Don’t like that photo? Leave. That kidnapping build scares you ? Leave.

See how easy it is. But those who refuse to do It are bringing about the server downfall. Less players means less role plays / actions on server etc,less people means less attractive + more leave including the younger ones as there’s no one around

Please for the love of god rectify your mistakes! Don’t ignore a seasoned player such as myself who has seen the mistakes. Ive wrote such a long piece for the benefit of somewhere I don’t even play anymore !
I’m trying to save you from devastation. If these are fixed I might think of becoming an active person again

That is all for the night

you do realize that only child kidnapping is banned right, I asked Nakir.
While I do agree with some of the things you're saying, you've literally only given me one example.
Inappropriate Rp's have always been banned, so I'm not quite sure why they decided to announce that this specific type was banned, I thought they always were.
I have noticed a decline in the amount in players in the last few months though.


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If it’s better I’ll further go Into detail about my other issue regarding the rules system

Back then mutes and warns were a problem. Staff were seen as careless in how they dealt with some things and not everyone liked it.

But the warnings are not a fix to this.
I got a couple warnings for things my memory forgot was on the list but they were vague. Some message like “don’t do this etc etc “ nobody is told in a human understanding they’re just instantly shut down for what they did. The warn system is not how you communicate a problem. But it appears staff cannot be bothered to explain, they warn then end up having to explain anyway. Why basically mute someone for a minute with no real interaction whatsoever. That does not solve the problem and I’ve seen people not phased by a warn and they still carry on.

Another problem was the suggestions. Many many suggestions overtime have been denied and so many of us had strong reasons. My example to this was roleplay tags for people (names ) this was of huge debate but everyone said no and for good reasons. But this was added.

And according to what community members have said this “child kidnapping “ rule is causing their kidnapping based builds that have nothing to do with this be destroyed. And people talking about kidnapping (no inference to children ) are being muted ? How does this fall under the category that is meant to be child kidnapping .

It’s known on CF everything is sugarcoated for children. But I think it’s stepped too far when the hammer came down on everything related to kidnapping wether it regarded children or not

When you remove the fun mature people of all ages like, they leave, when you create mass restrictions, people look for more open places, when you literally disregard everything people tried to do for you. They stop caring
That’s the decline


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I have actually noticed a decline in players too, but on a larger scale: Minecraft itself is going downhill, almost all servers are losing players, Because of it's lack in update quality and these "Battle Royale" games, it left most people to forget about Minecraft.

Once those kind of games die, maybe more people will start to play Minecraft again.