Is Plot Reincarnation Possible?

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Hello friend who is reading this. my name in mc is KaiCat and i have a question. so a couple months ago, or a year ago, i got perm banned, but it was not me, rather my account got hacked and 'i' sent fishing links :/. i did get his repealed, but with one not-so-magnificent detail, the server i was on when i got hacked(cf2) got my plot deleted. i thought this was a glitch until a couple days went by, and i noticed it was here to stay. i did not write a forum on this, but of course i am now. i dont play creativefun much, and minecraft anymore also, but creative fun still remainds my favorite mincraft server. no, im not saying it for the sake of this forum, but it really is. i made friends, whoch whom i am still in contact today with, i made unforgetable memories, and much more. this plot was a large memory beacuse of the amount of deatil. it sure a crazy one. it was just a normal camp rp, but it had more. cave easter eggs, underground clubs houses, secret tents, a huge bridge, tree houses, as well as a tree village, and out side where i would talk with my friends, and so much more. this plot was made over weeks, and weeks of building, many of my friends, and laughs. like i said, i do not play to much Minecraft anymore, but sometimes i lay awake at night thinking 'wat about minecraft' 'what about creative fun and all my friends.' i really loved this plot, and it would mean alot if i could get it back, it would make my year <3. final question and point of this wordy thing. Can i get my creative fun plot back?


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Ah, No i'm sorry. I believe you can't recover your plots after deleting them.


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Sorry, but once a plot was wiped it's gone for good. I recently had an issue with one of my plots getting wiped as well and it is infuriating.
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