Insult the person above you.


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Okay before you start hating on this game thread, I had a thought behind this.

There's so much hate in the world, and I'd rather have it said in a game thread than to a person themselves, because everyone is amazing and shouldn't be hated on :)

So, to release all your anger, insult the person above you in this thread, so *hopefully* nobody else gets the hate that they don't even deserve :) But of course, make sure it's all CF appropriate and not too much. Yeah that's all I needed to say.

P.S. You're all beautiful & awesome, it's just a game thread so don't take anything personal <3

And start!


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I kinda like this idea just bc the hate gets out of the world so lets do this

according to ur pfp u look like a model - guess what! ur not :) get outta here lynn :)
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