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I’ve lost access to my email connected to my current Minecraft account for reasons I won’t go into, and I also can’t make any attempt to log in or get it back. Say I were to make a new account with a new email, and wanted to get my donator rank transferred over to my new account, how would I go about doing that considering I can’t access the email I got confirming all the times I made a donation?

I can still get into the account I already have because, to my knowledge at least, it won’t send the location I signed in at to my email. If I were to be able to prove that I still wanted the rank transferred over on the account WITH the rank, would that be possible at all? I have donated $65 to the server and it would be a great shame to lose the rank I got, as I really enjoyed the little perks I got for having it and it showed my appreciation for the server. Now, I’d happily donate again for the server but I would much rather get the rank I already paid for as it would save me a lot of money and hassle.

I do not want this to happen now because, at this moment in time, my computer is broken and I’m still waiting to get it fixed so it would be impossible, I’m just asking for future reference.



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I can’t get discord because my phone can’t handle it and I have no computer, would there be any way of contacting him through the forums where he’ll reply?
My best-bet would either to tell someone a high-rank of staff other than him, that will reply to your messages, or tell Monis when he is online.
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