I was hacked..And my hacker greifed..

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I made my minecraft account a long time ago, sadly, at one point I was hacked by my "friend". My "friend" then went onto your server and got me banned. I have no proof of this, but it makes me upset when I can't play with my friends..:( I was just wondering if there was a possibility to get me un-banned? If there is, I will be extremely grateful..
Username: Mrsfredstar123

Thank you if you read, Xx Mrsfredstar123


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You can make a ban appeal here (first link is the format, second link is where you can post the thread):

Also, although you may of been hacksd and you may of not committed the grief, your account is your responsibility. It doesn't matter if you didn't do it, your account did. And because you don't have physical evidence, a lot of people dont, that you were hacked and so and so griefed, there's nothing that can be done apart from you waiting until you can appeal to get unbanned. Sorry!


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As said above, proof is something that almost every ban or mute appeal needs in order to get unbanned or unmuted. That is the main factor in your appeal, and if you don't have the proof, then mostly you will not be unbanned. Although your situation is believable, nobody is sure of it. I am very sorry that this happened to you, and I hope everything gets resolved, but if you have any sort of proof use it, or else your appeal will most likely not be accepted.
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Make a ban appeal, as stated above. aelentiya and bqredfqrever kindly provided the links for you.
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