I got temp-banned for 7 days. For no reason.

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Hello server admin/owner/or whoever might be seeing this. to keep it short. i tried to get onto Creative Fun today at 11:42 pm. it told me i was temp-banned by BillieBiliie for 168 Hours (7 days) on 7/11/18. for inappropriate speech via sign. i have not been online since last night. i have drawing art all day and have not been on minecraft since. i have been playing this server for around 3-5 years now, and not once have i banned for something i wrote on a sign. be being banned today makes it impossible, wasnt even online today. (check if you dont belive me, my username is Aurixal). the reason i posted this on the Help Forum. is cause I NEED HELP. i dont know what to about this. i have been muted for swearing many times, but always in chat when i was talking with friends when i didnt even mean to type it. and sometimes ive been muted for doing nothing, or cause someone hated me for something i did in the past and wanted revenge. please help with this. Creative Fun is one of the only servers i play on, and my minecraft game if boring without it. idk why i was banned for something i didnt do by someone i dont know.

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I'll message you the reason you got banned. You are also free to make an appeal here:
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