How to use WorldEdit


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+ Getting WorldEdit
World edit is acquired by voting. The current worldedit limit is 500,000 blocks per command, crazy right?
• Use /vote on the server and click the link that appears. The link will lead you to the voting page where you can choose between eight different voting sites.
Once you are on a voting page enter your Minecraft name and solve the captcha correctly. Each vote gives you 3 hours of worldedit.
• After voting use command //wand to get your worldedit selection tool. Alternatively you can use a wooden axe out of your inventory.

+ Region Selection
• Selecting a region - Select regions with the wand tool. Left click to set your first position (pos #1) and right click to set your second position (pos #2). This is the area that region-based commands (such as //set) will affect). Alternatively you can use the commands //pos1 and //pos2 to select a region.
• Deselecting the region - Clear your region selection (no longer select anything) using the command //sel.
• Selection Modes - Selection modes allow you to change the type of shape that you select to edit.
+ Item ID's
//itemdb - find out the ID of the item you are holding in your hand.
Alternatively you can use instead of "//Set 1" "//set stone".

+ Super Pickaxe
• The super pickaxe features give your pickaxe the ability to destroy and mine blocks very quickly. To toggle your super pickaxe, use the // command. By default, the selected mode is the single block mode.
If you switch mode with one of the commands below, the super pickaxe will be enabled.
// - Toggle the super pickaxe.
//superpickaxe area <radius> - Enable the area super pickaxe pickaxe mode.
Destroys the spcified area (radius) of blocks in a cuboid region.
Example: /sp area 2
/superpickaxe recursive <radius> - Enable the recursive super pickaxe pickaxe mode.
Destroys blocks adjacent to the original block, continuing until it reaches the specified radius radius.
Example: /sp recur 2

+ Copy & Paste
//copy - Copy the selection to the clipboard.
//cut <leaveBlock> - //cut works just like the //copy command except that it also deletes the area afterwards. By default it will leave air blocks but you can also specify a different block.
//paste - Paste the clipboard's contents.
//paste - a - paste everything except air.
Once you have something in your clipboard, you can paste it to world. The last argument is optional: if you want the copy to paste at the same point that it was copied at, type //paste -o, otherwise the paste will be placed relative to you. Remember that if you are pasting relatively, it will be relative to where you were when you made the initial copy. For example, if you were on top of your castle when you copied it, pasting it would result in the castle being pasted under you.

Let's say you want to copy a wall and place it somewhere else. If you just stand a couple of blocks away, copy it, and then try to paste it, there is a certain chance that you will be off one block in any direction (except up and down maybe) due to the way minecraft records your location. As a help to make sure that copy/paste is exact on the block where you want it, do the following: Mark the wall. Place any block 3 blocks away from the center of your wall before copying. Walk towards the block as far as possible. Copy. Place another block 3 blocks away form the location where you want the center of the pasted wall to be. Walk against that block. Paste. Remember that it does not matter which direction you look. If you want the wall to face into another direction, rotate it and then do the same placing of a block that you walk into.
+ Rotating
//rotate <angleInDegrees> - This command lets you rotate your copy around the Y (up-down) axis 90 degrees or at any multiple of 90 degrees. It allows you to revolve your copy around the relative offset that you were at when you originally made the copy. If you wanted to rotate a copy around its center, you would have had to stand in the middle of the copy when you had made it.

+ Flipping
//flip <-p> <direction> - Flips the current clipboard in a specified direction. The directions available are North, South, East, West, up, and down; North, South, East, and West can be specified by looking in those directions, whereas up and down cannot. The clipboard flips about a plane perpendicular to the direction specified, through the center of the clipboard (not about the player). There are three planes, one horizontal (xz), and two vertical (xy, yz). The horizontal plane xz is defined through the up or down vectors, the xy plane defined by East/West, and the yz plane by North/South.
+ Change Biomes
//biomelist - Show all available bioms in Minecraft.
//setbiome <biome> - Set the biome of the player's current block or region.
Example: //setbiome Taiga

//setbiome Jungle

//setbiome Desert
+ Set
//set <block> - Change the block in a selected area
//set 1 - Changes the blocks in a selected area into stone

//set 1,2 - Change the blocks in a selcted area into stone and grass.

//set 50%1,25%2,25%3 - Change the blocks in a selected area into 50% stone, 25% grass and 25% dirt.
+ Undo
//undo - undo the latest command
//undo 2 - undo the two latest commands
+ Replace
//replace <block> <block> - Replace blocks in a selcted region with another block.

//replace 1 2 - Replace stone in the selected region with grass.
+ Move
//move <count> <direction> - Move a selected area.
//move 10 u - Move a selected region up by 10 blocks.
Alternatively you can use //move 10 while looking in a direction.

+ Pyramids
//pyramid <block> <size> - Generate a filled pyramid.
//hpyramid <block> <size> - Generate a hollow pyramid.
//pyramid 24 5
//hpyramid 24 10
+ Spheres
//sphere <block> <radius> - Create a sphere.
//hsphere <block> <radius> - Create a hollow sphere.
//sphere 1 10

//hsphere 1 10

+ Cylinder
//cyl <block> <radius> - Generate a cylinder.
//hcyl <block> <radius> - Generat a hollow cylinder.
//cyl 1 10

//hcyl 1 10

+ Fix Water
//fixwater <radius> - Fix the water level while standing in water.

//fixwater 40 - Fix the water level in a radius of 40 blocks.
+ Draining Water
//drain <radius> - Drain water in a selected radius. This command only works when standing in water.
+ Naturalize
//naturalize - This command is useful for naturalizing mountains. It replaces stone with a top layer of grass followed by three layers of dirt.
+ Overlay
//overlay <block> - This command allows you to create an overlay of a certain block within a selected region. This command is also very useful to naturalize mountains or other landscape. !!This command will overlay every block and not just stone!!

+ Player Movement Commands
/unstuck - Escape from being stuck inside a block.
/ascend - Go up a floor.
/descend - Go down a floor.
/ceil - Go to the celing.
/thru - Passthrough walls
/jumpto - Teleport to a location.
/up - Go upwards some distance.

+ Other

//hollow - Hollows out the object contained in this selection.
//line - Draws a line segment between cuboid selection corners.
//center - Set the center block(s).
//naturalize - 3 layers of dirt on top then rock below.
//deform - Deforms a selected region with an expression.
//stack - Stacks a selected region in the direction you are looking at.
//Stack 10 u (stacks a selected region up 10 times)
//Stack 10 d (stacks a selected region down 10 times)
//Stack 10 l (stacks a selected region left 10 times)
//Stack 10 r (stacks a selected region right 10 times)
+ Tools/ Brushes
Tools can only be applied to some items like sticks, swords and arrows!
/tool tree - Tree generator tool (trees can only be generated on grass or dirt blocks!)
/tool repl - Block replacer tool.
/tool cycler - Block data cycler tool.
/tool floodfill - Flood fill tool.
Brushes can only be applied to some items like sticks, swords and arrows!
-Clipboard Brush
/brush clipboard <-a>
/br copy <-a>
/none - to turn off
•Choose your clipboard for your brush. The center of the clipboard will be pasted at the block that you build at. Use the -a flag to paste without pasting air. Changing your clipboard will not change the clipboard brush you are using, so you have to rerun this command if you want to update your brush.
-Cylinder Brush

/brush cyl [-h] <block> <radius> <height>
/br c [-h] <block> <radius> <height>
/none - to turn off
•Create cylinders from far away. The 'h' flag will make the cylinder hollow.
-Gravity Brush

/brush gravity <radius>

/none - to turn off
-Smoothing Brush
/brush smooth <-n> <size> <iterations>
/none - to turn off
•Use the smoothing brush. This actually uses an area double the size of the one that you specify to smooth the region. Using the n flag will restrict it to natural terrain only.
-Sphere Brush
/brush sphere <-h> <block> <radius>
/none - to turn off
•Create spheres from far away. The 'h' flag will make the sphere hollow.

+ Masks
//mask <mask> - Set a mask for a brush command, allowing you to restrict the list of blocks that will be affected.
//mask rock,glass - List of blocks to affect only (whitelist).
//mask !rock,glass - Blocks to not affect (blacklist).
//mask #existing Existing - (non air blocks) only. Same as !0
//mask >rock,glass - Only place above certain blocks.
//mask <rock,glass - Only place below certain blocks.
//mask #region - Restrict to your current selection.
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