How to Start Building Good in a Jiffy! (I hope :I)


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I'm Cam, or Cammura (get it, because.. like camera- nvm.), and I've been going through the plots of Creative Fun (the second and third external server), only finding empty plots and a few decent houses. I was hoping to see all the plots filled, with rustic, organic, or even modern builds. I was sad, and a few days later...
I decided to make this!
So yeah, I will give you a few tips to start taking inspiration to start building good, or even better!!

1. ] Take some tutorial inspiration, or even just follow tutorials.
Yes, this is not a bad thing. Some great builders do this if they don't know how to build a particular thing, but people tend to overuse it. I take inspiration from tutorials, and I follow them too. I actually used a train tutorial from Keralis, an awesome builder that does MineCraft inspiration videos, tutorials, and tips and tricks. Here is a list of MineCraft building YouTubers that I, personally, think can lead you to great success in building:
-Keralis (has been mentioned :>)
-xProKx (he has been gone since 2014 .o.)

2. ] Take inspiration from non-building tutorial YouTubers.
If you are a total "Vegan-builder" (what I call tutorial-intolerant builders), this tip might be a good one. There are people who I like to watch who make some real epic builds, and don't get that much appreciation, but are good to take inspiration from. Here is a list of those creditable YouTubers:
-Jeracraft (wow two mentions}
-FamilyCraft Dad (its not what you think the channels about)

3. ] Take inspiration from real life things and buildings, and floor plans.
This is something you really need to take into consideration when you build things like high schools, dance academies, towns, etc. You want to be as realistic as possible when it comes to variation and textures. I love to do this. When I used to have my city role-play, I centered the city around where I lived. I used road plans, google maps, and even stepped outside of my house for a second just to get a definition of its structure. If you don't do this, your building aspiration could go down to rock bottom.

4. ] Take inspiration from build teams!
For this final tip, I'd love to say that it is okay to make your own interpretation of someone else's builds, especially build teams, no matter how big or small it is. You could make role-plays based off of build team build's (that was hard to say), or even just ask to join their server and watch them build! Here are some build teams:
-Team Arcadia
-Sapphire Studios
-Entity Builds
-Boycott chipotle because they didnt hire james like 5 years ago o-o
-Everbloom Studios
-and my soul.

have a good dayyyyyy :>


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