How To Get People To Appreciate You As A Human Being

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    By no means do you have to follow this. It's just a suggestion.

    Hello friends!

    We're all human, right? Right? We've all got our human wants and needs, desires and disputes, but one thing we all want and need is the feeling of being appreciated.

    What do I mean by "appreciating you as a human being"? why, I mean when people can look at you and say 'wow, I'm so glad I've got you.' I'm not talking about how people look at their phones and say 'where would I be without you' because we're talking about you, and I know there's a lot of us out there who don't appreciate being used solely as a go-to for temporary amusement. This guide can show you how to get people to look at you as a go-to guru, someone they can turn to for an answer, and someone who they appreciate having by them.

    One way you can get people to appreciate your very existence is literally just by emitting a positive, exuberant attitude about all situations that are appropriate. This will make them feel that if you can keep a clear, enthusiastic attitude no matter what you are being presented with, then they will feel that they can approach you with confidence that you will not strike them down.

    Another good way to get people to appreciate you just being there is by showing compassion for how others are feeling, publicly. If someone is confused about a topic, you can (gracefully and accurately) explain to them what is going on, so that they feel that they can approach you confidently, knowing that you know what you're talking about

    Once people appreciate your mere existence, then if you really wanted to, you could move on to getting them to appreciate you as a friend. Hang around with them, maintain a positive, enthusiastic attitude, and keep it up for a while. They'll start to warm up to you. One thing you could do VERY SPARINGLY is have them hang out with you when you're around your friends, Show them that you treat your friends that you already have well, but don't do it too much because then they might think you've moved on from a temporary friendship back to your regular ways.

    Another thing you could do is to hang around with their friends, both with their presence and without. Speak good to their friends, get their friends to see that you are the right kind of person that they should be hanging around with, and when they are not around, maintain a hopeful expression that they should return. Their friends are sure to tell them that you patiently awaited their arrival, and they will know that you care about them, then they will care about you. Simple.

    Then, soon enough, if you keep up your positive, caring attitude with them, portray that you don't single out people, and show that you are willing to help everybody and anybody with their problems. I don't mean broadcast out to Global: "If you need someone to talk to I'm here!!!" I mean just repeat the first steps above, and show compassion and caring for others. That will prove to them that you care for everyone.

    Eventually, your enthusiasm and wide range of varying friends will pay off. They will invite you to build or role-play with their friends, their friends will become your friends, then you keep branching out until your influence rubs off on the original friend you made, causing them to be happy and caring just like you, and that will rub off onto everyone else, and soon you'll be portrayed as a beacon of comfort and empathy to all who seek it.

    Then, and rightfully then, will you be appreciated.

    There's lots of other ways to be appreciated.

    But by NO MEANS do I ask you to set up a façade of ANY KIND. I'm not saying "fake it 'til you make it" and abandon all the new friends you make, but if it becomes too much, and your friends start fighting and look to you to join 2, 3, 10 different sides, tell them that you need a break to think about it. BY NO MEANS am I saying you have to use this.


    By façade I mean do not set up a fake version of you that you only use in front of your friends. Don't Pretend to be someone you aren't. What I'm suggesting is that you mold yourself into the SUGGESTED attitude above. By no means is this the only way, but I found that

    "Your lives change when your habits change".

    I found that by becoming bright and enthusiastic, I've obtained a brighter, more enthusiastic view of the world and its lovely inhabitants. This is what works for me; this is how I get to know new people, and how I make the friends that I desperately need in my life. This human interaction, this appreciation, it's what helps me go forward, and I just wanted to share it with you guys.

    I hope you find this helpful and that you will share constructive criticism.

    Your friend, (whether you like it or not,)

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    great, but what exactly was the point of this thread?
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    You forgot our human rights. ;)
  4. Fel

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    Mikcee didn't follow this and people still respect him and worship him. :)
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    Well, all you need is a sweater with CF On it and u get the love!
    But thanks for the information nevertheless
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