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By Zoe.
This message is for people who don't have the privilege like us, to even have a computer, be able to buy Minecraft. Don't take this wonderful life, whoever you are, for granted.
This is inspired by "One Hen" the book.

I hope for more money. I hope for a good life. I hope for something more than sitting against a well, waiting for the clear blue, fresh, water that rarely comes to flood up that I can drink for when I don't have enough water. No, I don't hope for money because I'm selfish. I hope for money because I'm not, because I don't have things to seem selfish. Each year, our family gets a loan for $100 dollars, this year, I want to change what we buy. This year, I'm buying not fruits, water, or vegetables. No, I have hope. I have hope in a farm I want to create, the biggest farm in Africa, or at least South, where I live. Then, the brown/green grass swayed among me and I looked up at the burning hot, blue sky. I looked at my village of small stick cabins. I daydreamed about my hopes and my dreams then I looked at my Mum, who had been carrying a big chug of water and I scurried over to help.

It's the day we get our loan. My Mum buys food and drinks for us. With the left over money, I ask "May I have it? I have a big plan." and she agrees to give the rest of the money to me.
I go off to the shop that is closest to us, it's a 30 minute walk for me. We have no transport here - but with this I believe I can help my deserving family..as I arrive, I look at all the hens there. One was pecking the grass below me, one was looking at her surroundings but then I thought to myself when I saw this plump brown hen, that she was the one. The one that could help feed my loving family. The one that could turn my life upside down, if I can sell her eggs. And so be it, I bought the hen. Weeks later, I have sold eggs. I can eat eggs and sell eough each day. My hopes are coming true. One hope led to another and I can now buy a farm, but I need 900 hens. I'm standing here outside the bank, wanting a loan. I walk in, shaking. "I need enough money for 900 hens, to get my dream farm." "No, I hear this everyday." "But wait!" "I haven't told you my story." I explained how I started out with nothing, now we have 50$ to spend each day at least! I explained how I'd pay the banker back. So, he agreed. And I left.

I can afford workers, people to carry my water and send over my eggs from place to place in trucks. This little girl came up to me and asked, "Can I have a small loan? For one hen? I want to be like you." her name was Anika. I had always known her family. I said yes, but on one condition. She must loan a wanting girl or boy some money, to start up their home and farm. Now, I am the biggest farm in South Africa. I can't believe how this happened, yet, it did. I am here..

One small step changes you and your families lifes, just wait. Be grateful. Enjoy what you have and remember you can do anything.
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This is great! I feel like poverty in third world countries, though it's addressed by adults, needs to be recognized by younger kids, too! Also it's just a really good read ^^