Hi. I'm back.

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Good evening. My name is Casey (IGN: Kaece) and I've been a member since around February 2016.

I left due to some personal issues. Once they had resolved, I didn't return to Creative Fun. This is because I had found a variety of different servers that interested me more than Creative Fun.

My recent returning from a long absence has been quite shocking for me, coming back to added features and all the wonderful new staff members I have come across is just surreal.

I am glad to be back, in hope of finding some old friends, making new ones too. And maybe, just maybe, being able to make a difference. Whether that'd be just answering questions in chat, or suggesting new additions to the server.

Here's just some basic information about me. (Feel free to ask me some that aren't listed here, below.)

+ I am fourteen years of age.
+ I live in Australia.
+ I am interested in sports and music.
+ I LOVE Christmas. Oh my god don't get me started.

Anyway, I hope y'all have a good day and talk to me if you see me in-game.


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Welcome back!
Hope to see you around the server sometime!


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Yeah we have had a mad amount of new staff recently, I think the only ones left over from 2 years ago are the owners and Nakir


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Welcome back! I hope to see you on the server sometime. I’m Andi


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Wb back! I hope you settle back into the server soon enough and I hope you find that the new staff team is still as nice as the one you remember :)


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it's super nice to meet you casey, i'm bri. and i also am obsessed with christmas. i make a mean hot chocolate(;