For two amazing friends


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So, today is a special day, since today is one of my best friend's birthay and it was another best friend's birthday last week. (Also be glad that I call you my best friends, I don't really do that very easily, not sure why but I just have difficulties with calling people my best friends lol xD)

All I wanted to say to those two is: thank you so much for always being there for me, thank you for welcoming me into this amazing friend group we're in. You've seen me go from non-donor to Server Moderator, and who knows where the future will take us all. Just wanted to say that you're great friends. (Lol I'm not a girl of words so uh... Idrk how to express myself but uh, yeah I guess this is it xD)

I made this picture for you, hope you like it! Also yeah I know it could be better but I'm learning xD Also the f in the Inhf part cut a bit off... Idk how or why but ok xD Please don't judge me /too/ much xD

Thanks for being my friends @tellmeyoulveme and @Kqwi