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I started a thread called 'Every Brilliant Thing' last year, where I attempted to make a huge long list of 'brilliant things' about the world, in this thread here:
I never actually got to 200, which was my target, so I decided to turn it into a game!

Fairly self-explanatory really, you post 1 or more 'brilliant things' you like about the world.

Below you can see the list so far.

1.Very cheesy spaghetti, I mean, like reaaallly cheesy
2. pets, just in general.
3. Words beginning with the letter X
4. Palindromes
5. The smell of melted dark chocolate
6. An unopened book, waiting to be read.
7. A celebrity that actually cares about other people (lol)
9. Being able to know someone so well, that you can ask them to check your teeth for broccoli.
10. Talking parrots
11. quickly flipping through the pages of a book.
12.cold water on a hot day.
13. hot baths on a cold day.
14. trying new things.
15. beautiful architecture.
16. being around people you love.
17.learning new things.
18. caring for something.
19. the smell of rain.
20.buying new perfume.
21.Doctor Who
22. finishing a chapter for a book series.
23.finishing a book for a book series.
24.Finishing an assignment for college.
27.Going home after doing an 8 hour shift at
26.Getting an email of how much money you earned every two weeks from work.
27.Getting said amount of money from the email in your bank account on Friday.
28.Using said money in my account to buy things without begging my parents
29. Procrastinating
31. watching DVDs in another language that you understand
32. Playing old video games on consoles while laying in a foldable bed
33. no homework on friday
34. Looking for DVDs at Goodwill
35. Persona
36. One Piece
37. Eating those chocolate chip cookies that melt in your mouth
39. watching dragon ball super and kai on tv
40. transformers the game for the wii and ps2
41.Freshly baked cookies.
42.Rock music.
43.Stranger Things.
44.Reading a twenty-one-book-long series.
46.Watching satisfying speedarts on YouTube.
47.Achieving something you feel proud of.
48. Walking outside when it's quiet in the early morning.
49.Having sleepovers with friends, and reminiscing life before secondary school.
50.Waffles, fresh out the toaster (?).
51.That new book smell
52.Drawing bases
54.Butterfly gardens
55.Blank sketchbooks
56.Flying Pigs
58.SuperMonis Fans
58.People who catch animal abusers
59.Minecraft ofc
60.Creative Fun
61.Real friends, not fake
62.the fact that last post wins cannot die due to no necro-posting rules in games
63.Countries and states that respect lgbt people

This list will change as more and more things are suggested!
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I have a few--
-That new book smell
-Drawing bases
-Butterfly gardens
-Blank sketchbooks
People who capture animal abusers and put them in prison for good, they are the true heroes...


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Lol because this is the games thread necro and double post rules don't apply so I can bump this if I want


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you need to add
the fact that last post wins cannot die due to no necro-posting rules in games
Countries and states that respect lgbt people

I’m not even lgbt but I have major respect for them


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Some of the things suggested, I'm not saying what, some of these are debatable whether they are good or not