Discord help

Hello! I need help- not on the server, but on Discord.

I have made a Discord account that I deleted, and before I deleted it I left the Creative fun server. I made a new account and tried to join again, but it says that my account has already logged onto the Creative Fun Discord. Can anybody help me? Somehow?


Hi, can I ask what your old discord username was?
Well, I would say your old acc is still linked to your mc account. Maybe ask one of the higher ups to unlink it then link the new acc to yah mc acc.


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Hi Carmella,

Here are a few things I suggest trying to fix it;
  • Try joining from the forums link instead of IG link. If you have just ignore I said that.
  • Make a new account, honestly if there was nothing valuable it may be a possibility to create a new email and use that to create a new discord account.
  • Try direct messaging Admin+ to see if they can unlink you from the server.
  • I could try to kick you from the server if you give me your discord name and you can try to re log.
Keep in contact with me via DM if you need any further help.



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yeah, i can't find "the sky is falling" on the discord server
I'm just waiting for her to reply because if I kick her she should be able to join back via forums link.


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Oh, Sorry about that. I changed the name..
Yes, it is Carmellaaa#7606..
Perfect! I've kicked you from the server so try to rejoin and let me know if it doesn't work.