Discord changes

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Hi all,

We've been putting a lot of effort into the Discord for the past two months to make it a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone. Discord link: discord.gg/WxyCR49 So here's what we've done so far:
  • Added a custom moderation bot to mute users
  • Added a link filter to stop dangerous links from being sent
  • Simplified the verification process for users with DMs disabled
  • Adjusted rules to be orientated around Discord features such as voice chat
Planned features:
  • Custom music bot that will only play music from an approved list
  • Display feedback whenever a command is used in the #creativefun channel
  • Add a 1 minute cooldown to all commands to prevent spam
  • Create a /seen and /list command
  • Report users with a command
I'm sure that as time passes on we will have much more planned features but for now this is it :)

I'll explain the current features in detail below:

Verification process
Many users have their DMs disabled unknowingly as it used to be a default setting for Discord. You are no longer required to have DMs enabled to receive a verification code from the bot. If you have DMs disabled the bot will create a text channel called #click-here that is only visible to the user who joined and will contain the verification code. The channel will be removed once the code has been used. This should make verifying easier for new users that have DMs disabled since explaining how to enable DMs was confusing to some people.

Moderation bot
The bot is named "CreativeFun" and its presence is set to "Streaming on creativefun.eu" If you are seen to be breaking any of the discord rules in chat a staff member will mute you. The first mute is 15 minutes, second mute is 1 hour, third mute is 6 hours, fourth mute is 12 hours, fifth mute is 24 hours, sixth mute is 3 days and the seventh mute is permanant. The mute will be announced on the text channel and your previous messages within the hour will be deleted automatically. When you're muted you will be able to view a text channel where the bot will post the user that muted you, the reason you were muted, how long you are muted for and how much remaining time there is until your mute is cleared. You will be able to run the /timeleft command on that text channel to find out how much time you have until your mute is over. Here's an example of what a mute announcement looks like:

Link filter
The CreativeFun bot filters links to prevent any inappropriate or scam links being sent. The only links that will work on the discord are links that involve creative-fun.net. Here's an example:

Discord rules
1. Keep the CreativeFun discord server child friendly. Don't swear or use inappropriate speech.
2. Don't spam. This includes repetitive sending of messages, emojis, images, or embeds.
3. Don't self-promote or DM unsolicited invite links to Server Members. You are not allowed to DM users with invite links to other discord servers or advertise other websites.
4. Don't bully other players. Please remember to treat all members with respect and that intentional harassment/degradation of another player will not be tolerated.
5. No Racism. Racial slurs, prejudice towards other races, discrimination/harassment of other players based on race, or photos of racist activity/organisations will result in punishment.
6. Don't encourage advertising. This includes asking for ips/sites of other servers.
7. No inappropriate discord profiles. This includes usernames, avatars, linked accounts and playing status.
8. Don't use a voice changer when you're in a voice channel.
9. Don't be obnoxious when you're in a voice channel. Screaming, playing music through a mic or making loud noises on purpose will result in a mute.