Contest Creative Fun Awards!

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Not my time to be a host I suppose. Feelsbadman... ANYWAY, I'm excited for the 20th


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Update: Voting
Second Stage of voting has started. This means that you can only vote for the nominees listed. Nominee voting continue from now until a couple hours before the ceremony starts.

Update: Seating
You can now reserve a seat by putting your desired seat number and seat letter in a signed book in the hoppers at the front desk.

Thank you.
Signed SuperAaron.
Where can I find the nominees list?
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I heard I've been nominated for something... *how*


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Everyone vote me for More active on discord than the server just so I can win something k thx

who voted me tho
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Is the winner list gonna b posted here?
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I had a really great time last night. I loved the fireworks at the beginning of show. I can’t wait for the next show, whenever it happens.