Commonly Suggested Items - check before posting


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These items are frequently suggested and have not been implemented for one reason or another, as outlined below. Please do not post threads requesting/suggesting any of these items unless you can bring a new and valid argument to the table. Any threads requesting/suggesting items on this list are subject to thread lock.


+ Plot CoOwner or Admin - This has been suggested very frequently, but at this time we're unaware if it is possible.
I'll see what I can do, I don't have control over the plot plugin but I'll talk to the plot developers about it. Will also need to think about the potential problems this may cause, may need a way to log the changes that a co-owner/admin makes when adding/trusting/denying/removing and inform the plot owner of these changes.

+ Fixing the Chat Filter - Staff are aware the chat filter in its current state causes many false-positives and we get many complaints about it; trust me, we don't like the filter either. A resolution is in the works:
Quote from 13/02/2018
The chat filter having too many false positives seems like the main complaint a lot of people have. I've never really put that much effort into getting it sorted but I see that this is an issue that definitely needs to be addressed. Over the next few weeks I will be monitoring the messages that the chat filter has blocked and will actively be thinking of a better way to deal with filtering messages.
+ Redstone - Redstone was largely removed from the server due to many problems with players creating various lag machines to decrease server performance. It is for this reason that it will not be enabled.

+ Nicknames - Due to a high potential for rulebreaking, we will not be implementing nicknames that completely replace your username. We will also be restricting the roleplay name command to local chat in order to prevent chat from being messy, and also because it really is not needed outside of local where roleplays take place.

+ Marriage - While frequently suggested over the last few years, Monis has declined to add it to the server for reasons unknown. At this point it is highly unlikely to be added.

+ YouTuber Rank - We are not interested in giving people ranks simply because they have a YouTube channel, especially since we don't even allow advertisement of YouTube on the server.

+ Builder Rank - Builder ranks used to be present in the server, but were ultimately removed for various reasons including difficulty with workload of checking plots, arguments with staff over not getting a rank, and "rankism" over unranked players. There are currently no plans to add this back to the server.

+ Colour Commands for Chat - Chat is much cleaner using a single colour and enabling colour commands would make it an illegible riot. Donors have access to colours in /msg and that is all that will be implemented.

+ More Colour Codes - Currently we are limited by colour codes present in vanilla Minecraft and cannot add custom colours.
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Also, removing the suggestion for other chat channels; example /h (Help Channel). All of the extra chat channels suggestions have been turned down. We currently already have all the chat channels we will need.


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Apologies for necro, but add “this player is banned” message in /seen , it’s suggest a bunch and declined always


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+ Removing "Gay" from the Chat Filter - The current chat filter is a few years old and a lot has changed since then. When the new chat filter is ready, we'll be testing it on the server and will likely not block the word "Gay".
We could probably remove this now since the filter's been changed, and we can say "gay" on the server now.


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And also, we should add a new rule for making new suggestions that threads should be locked if a suggestion is against Mojang's EULA.


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+ Redstone - Redstone was largely removed from the server due to many problems with players creating various lag machines to decrease server performance. It is for this reason that it will not be enabled.
But you can still make lag machines so.... theres not much point
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uhm lag machines are hard to make but the help chat i dident get to know it LOL


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This includes the /tree command.