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Nugget :)

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Isn't it ever annoying when the owner of a plot is offline and you're hosting a role play and there's that one person who ruins it? And you can't even kick or deny them! This may have been mentioned already or taken care of, but I believe there should be a co-owner option on the plot to let others deny/kick when the owner is offline. This could really be helpful when hosting something and someone decides to be a silly sausage. There are some bad things, like the other person denying or kicking someone you don't want to be denied. That's why you should only give it to people you trust or know in real life. I believe this could help others. :)
The owner should always be present when something is happening in the plot.


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They could always become untrusted and kick or deny your friends or people they dont need to.
Also, as said above I think the owner should be on when others are on unless they decide to /trust a player to build, anything like denying or kicking could always get out of hand and people could just be randomly denied. No, sorry.
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