Christmas Themed Avatar - Giveaway


Hey guys!

I'm making another avatar giveaway, similar to this one, but someone suggested I should make a christmas themed one so here it is! :D

Although this one will have a few changes.

Since I understand some of you might not have twitter because under-aged, I'm making a giveaway in 3 places this time. Here, another forum and twitter.
Because of demand and because Christmas is a season of generosity, I am not selecting a single winner. And I am selecting two winners this time!


The first winner may choose one of a range of the following avatars:



The second winner, will be able to choose that range as well, but in this case it will be given a headshot.

If you wish to participate, please leave below either your skype, email or other form of contact, this is due to making the same giveaway on many other places and will be hard to keep track if I ask for simply the username, some people might even use the same. If you're not comfortable to give away any of those I am sorry, but I don't see any other way to do this, since I'll need to contact you after it's finished.. Maybe I'll figure it out next time.

Giveaway starts today (11-December-2016) and finishes Monday next week at midnight London time (19-December-2016) the prize will be given the next 2-3 days after that.

Thank you everyone for participating and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and good luck! :D
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Good luck to everyone!

Here is my contact information:
Skype: ImagineBlue11
My brother is currently using my computer because some of his applications that he uses on his computer (which is the one I'm using now) doesn't work, but it does on mine. So my Skype is on that computer, making it hard to check it. But, I will definitely make an effort to check it of course, but if not, just send an email to me ;). Thank you!
My skype nickname is DatOneSwedishKid, but if you cant find me, try with Minecraftking_xd (thats what i registered with, like 5 years ago. please do not judge my immaturity back then)


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Hey, I'm that person that suggested a Christmas-themed giveaway so here I am! I absolutely adore your art, as I've said many times before, so of course, I'm going to give a shot at winning.

My e-mail is; I'd rather use my non-personal one for things like this. Nothing personal, don't worry, lol.


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Your art is to die for! <3 I would love to win. Do you think it would fine if you did a drawing of my skin? I will probably keep it. Or atlas something similar with the hair?

I wish the best of luck to everyone! <3
Safe X-Mas!