Chiba Benten Highschool (Kyoto Follow Up)

Discussion in 'Builds' started by Shoxck, Jun 19, 2017.

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    The shader mod don't like the new unstable optifine so no awesome "1920 x 1080 HD Sick MLG 420" Shaderz.

    The school exists in real life, and its called "Chiba Benten Highschool" Here are some pictures-
    I try to keep the details the same but I changed some of them to fit the Minecraft style. Apparently Minecraft and Real Life don't mix. I'd say I kept 85% of the details in the build.

    This was inspired by a anime I watched called "Oreimo", Its a great anime but it has some themes I cannot mention on this forum.
    Heres the picture taken from the anime-

    I am going to build much more buildings and make a whole town in the plot.

    Next Building to Build-

    The Kyoto build is now going to be transformed into this since Kyoto required more landscaping and more time then I hope to do.

    The Chiba build will have less details than my old builds which would save time.
    @Orange_Phaidon @Rabbit_Reaper

    We will continue this build on this Saturday. (6/24/2017)

    <3 thanks for viewing my post.
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