Chat Filter Update

Hi everyone,

The chat filter has been a big problem for a good few years now but I think it's time to finally address this problem once and for all.

Changes to the chat filter
We have made some big changes with the chat filter which reduce a large amount of false positives that players were running into. The problem with taking this approach is that it is now easier to bypass the chat filter however for situations where a player is found to be bypassing the chat filter we encourage users to report those messages so that staff may deal with them. There are still normal words that may be getting filtered because they contain a bad word however this would only affect a small percentage of words and can be fixed once they are all logged.

Water flow
Water flow was previously disabled due to performance issues related to 1.13 and physics however we have made some significant performance improvements over the past few months with 1.16.4 so we have enabled water flow again.

Boats and Minecarts
On the next server restart you will be able to place a maximum of 6 vehicles in a plot, so you could have 3 boats and 3 minecarts per plot or just 6 minecarts for example if you don't care about boats.

Rule changes
Over the upcoming weeks we will be making changes to the rules of the server and also improving the enforcement of these rules so that they don't hinder the playing experience on the server. This includes changes such as offences that currently warrant a mute being changed to a warn instead and being more relaxed on the enforcement of certain rules.
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Bruh, it's so difficult to process that this is actually happening. Since when did I miss the memo that stuff was actually going to start happening?


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• One issue I have found is the word: Something
due to "meth", a term used for a drug.

Other then that I haven't found anything else, if I do I'll just put them here (by editing).
Thank you SuperMonis for finally working on the char filter, it's been a long wait for this.


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jesus christ, cf just did a 180- this is the first time i've wished i could really type in all caps a lot and curse for a reason other than cussing people out