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name: ez rille
height: 5'7
appearance: blonde hair which comes down to like ears. A blastercannon on his arm and a futuristic suit on with a visor on his face thats also futuristic and a small jetpack to fly with. and possibly a laser on his visor or wrist liek pew pew. hes not a cyborg but he wears the suit but his hand is inside the blastercannon


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@lilbibble your Gift Request for @Bapu is Complete!
" Happy Birthday to Me, haaAA- "

lilbibble secretly requested this for your birthday (the 26th), Bapu~
Hope you enjoy and Happy Birthday!
And many mooooooooooore-

Character Carmine owned by @Bapu *
Art Requested by @lilbibble

Drawn on: Procreate® By: @NightWishWolfe

Almost the end of July, *screaming*
Just a heads up my gorgeous people, I'm going to be quite busy from July 31st - August 4th
Me and my folks will be Moving
, so please be praying that we make it through the Dark Zone of Covid-19 *hnn*

Stay safe y'all!
Cuz I won't be hahaaA-

July 26th, 2020
Thanks Night! You're a legend for doing this for the loser


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@Scryureio your art request is Complete!
"What a nice day today."

Character "Kitti" owned by @Scryureio *
Drawn on: Procreate® By: @NightWishWolfe
@The_Potato your art request is Complete!
"This gurl is on FIYAHHH"

Heh, yes.. F I R E-

Character Esme owned by @The_Potato *
Drawn on: Procreate® By:

It's finally August!
I dunno about you but July felt like it would never end.
We successfully moved and are currently unpacking in our cute lil apartment,
now we must wait for 14 Days to see if we survived traveling through Covid-19 territory.

I will now begin drawing your amazing characters again!

- Still no progress on getting a new PC, I'm broke, y'know
(I should start charging y'all, muahahahah, jkjk-)

Looking forward to see your gorgeous comments~
Hope y'all are well and safe. Stay fresh! *Splatoon™ music blARES-*

August 5th, 2020, Earth, Milky Way


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You should draw my villain oc Number One
Name: Number One
Height: 6'8 (he is tall boy yes)
Age: Looks 28 or 29
He uses dark mist and kind of controls it, his eyes can turn glowy if hes mad I guess.
He is also very mean and rude and he owns a cult called NOX which consists of 200 soldiers in the age range of 9-17 (so basically child soldiers)
Could you make him looking to the side with his hand up and a glove on the ground, dark mist in sort of a floating orb on the hand with no glove. With the words 'I will always get back to you..'


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