CF Update of the Future; : player: 2.0

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So what's up guys, obviously you can tell who it is but for you blind people who can't see my obvious beauty I'm Baevid. And I'm the Player.

I was honored long ago with the emoji inspired by me and my plays, the player emoji. Now this emoji is very popular, but can seem a bit bland, that's why I'm here to start a conversation about new player emojis, or other emojis inspired by notable CF players.

First of my ideas is the player emoji, but crying like with the sob emoji. This would be SUCH a mood and would get a ton of use.

Second would be a cowboy hat player emoji, celebrating all the cowboys and cowgirls of the discord.

Last but not least is the thinking player emoji. When someone has an original baevid thought, or any kind of thought worthy of a player, this would be amazing .

I know most emojis have no variant, but player is such an icon and I feel like these would get a ton of use.

Feel free to post ideas or opinions for these or any other emojis!!!