Anti-American Flags


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What is going on here?
I've been spotting crossed out American Flags at several role-play hubs.

I finally got a conversation involving this question, here it is (Usernames will not be revealed for their safety):
NightWishWolfe: "What's with the Anti-American flags?"​
NightWishWolfe: "I've already seen them at two other roleplays."​
User: "I think it has to do with burning the flag???"
NightWishWolfe: "Which is wrong??"​
User: "no...w"
User: "burning the flag is fine"
2nd Conversation with other user (left image):
NightWishWolfe: "Why do you have crossed-out American Flags?"​
User: "Because I can"

I know it may be pointless in bringing this up, but what?
I'm not understanding this new cult. Since when is burning the American Flag OK?
And why is something like this spreading through Creative Fun? Doesn't this fall under "Player Disrespect"?

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I'm pretty sure there's nothing against with not liking a country, and isn't player disrespect towards a player/group of players specifically? so . .troll.png


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Burning the American flag is constitutional, it falls under freedom of speech. Whether or not you think that is okay, it’s not against the law. I think you should take what happens on a minecraft server with a grain of salt.


Not everyone on this server is from America, the server itself is EU based. It doesn't go against Creative Fun player disrespect rules because America is an entire country, not a player or a few people. If someone said something like "I hate you because you're American." They could possibly get in trouble, but just putting up a flag that makes an implication that someone is anti-america is protected by the rules (from what I've seen) because you're not disrespecting a specific person or protected class (ie, LGBT persons, POC, etc). Whether or not burning the American flag is okay is summed up to personal opinion but at least in the US it's protected under the first amendment in the bill of rights because it's classified as free speech and expression.

My personal thoughts on the matter are that I don't really care, as an American I think the United States can and should be criticized. People are allowed to do what they want under the constitution, it doesn't mean you're not going to be subjected to criticism with what you say by specific people, but, eh. I've never been very patriotic but the flag encompasses so many people that it really just represents the government itself which I know many people do have an issue with because of their own political beliefs. I think a Minecraft banner of the American flag with a line crossed through is a simple way for people to express their opinions, even if some people may view it as disrespectful. It's not a total anti-america symbol, I own the banner myself and my intentions with it are to show how I am against parts of the US government, not the country and the people in it as a whole. I think other people who have it can agree with me on that, because a lot of them are themselves Americans. It's not meant to specifically target American people, so I hope you yourself don't personally feel disrespected by it because it's not a lot of peoples intentions, it's just against the US government and it's oppressive systems as a collective.

So, to answer your question, no, I don't think it's against the rules, but I'm not a staff member so I can't say for sure. I believe this comes down to pure politics, which is allowed to be discussed as long as you aren't being racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc, and remain respectful towards other people. Hope this helps!