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Its amazing how the world is so big yet you seem like a tiny spec, and never seem to get noticed. That's just how I am. My name is Kiki. I've always been the one who was never noticed or loved. I'm the middle sister in my family: My older brother (Taro) and my twin brother and sister (Monika and Daniel.) My mum and dad split up ages ago, so I have gotten used to being what you may call a "Suitcase Kiddo" I really hate this nickname. It gives you a vibe that you don't belong, after all a "Perfect" family is a mum, dad, sister and brother. I feel like I shouldn't be included in this. Now, I don't have depression or anxiety. Or anything bad for that matter, its just I don't have many friends. I do have one but that's just my stupid imagination.

Mum calls for me, It's time for school. Ugh, how I hate school. All I get is the girl gang bullying me. Emily, Jade, Scarlett and Ellie. Its a Wednesday, the day they say "Oh we are busy, sorry!" and drag me down to an old ally by the school, full of moss and plastic. They beat me up, and say horrible things. I don't cry. If I cried, they would win. I wont let that happen. That happened today, like normal. I don't tell anyone this. Not even my imaginary friend..

After school I run home, smiling like nothing happened. To be fair, its very hard to hide my own emotions, its just my bad luck. I spot a local bakery named "Gasaz", and I walk in. I ask the man who is working at the desk for a doughnut and he passes me it. I fish £1 out of my pocket, and pass it to the man. "Bye!" I shout, and leave the shop.
I continued to walk, eating my delicious doughnut when suddenly..
I cant see..
I can.

I do love my sister Kiki. I really do, its just I'm the only one who notices her. She is quite a loner, I must admit. She never really talks to me, its school, home, bedroom. Sometimes I hear her faintly crying in her room, but I pretend not to notice. I go to the same school as Kiki, and my girlfriend does to. My girlfriend's name is Phili. Most of the time we walk to school together, and Kiki trots behind us, like she doesn't exist. Me and Phili had to stay after school for some random special homework essay we had to work together on for a up-coming school project, so I didn't get to see Kiki on the way back.

I reached home. Kiki was not there. Monika and Daniel were in our small play-area, playing some sort of crappy fireman game. I ran upstairs and shouted "Kiki?" No answer. I'm curious, did she do something?
"Taro, whats the matter?" Phili askes me, like she is concered about me.
"I cant find Kiki.." I say in desperation, still looking in her favourite spots.
"Well then DUH, she will be out! Lets go look for her, okay?" Phili takes my hand and drags me out the door. I follow her, like I think she will be there.

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