A new type of RP, something different from the CF standard


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Personally, I am quite tired of the very standard role plays on the server.

Yes, that includes the hundreds of highschool and rvr rps. I wanted to create something a little different for this server which is currently in a period of soft decline (unfortunately).


The Escape

A turn-based strategy roleplay/game with puzzles and boss battles with the focus of escaping the cruel GM (me). It's a concept heavily inspired by Fire Emblem, D&D, Persona and more.

There are 4 classes to choose from and you essentially work in a team to clear the multiple levels that have been prepared. It is also possible to solo the rp with the right class, but only for experienced players [insert sword art online meme]. This rp is prepared for a maximum of 8 players.

You might be wondering how the boss battles work, this is how:


This game board is very simple.
  • It tracks all the players health as you battle it out with the boss on a turn-to-turn basis.
  • At the right side, on the signs, it displays your attack damage and ability count for each player (each class has different stats, which is shown in the starting area when you choose your class).
  • The lower bar is the health of the boss, which is different for each level.

How do the turns work?

You will work together with your team to decide who will attack, after considering the situation, the stats of each player & more. Once you have decided, that player will attack the boss and their health will go down accordingly. Whoever attacks the boss, will take the damage dealt from the boss (which will be displayed on the board). That is one turn. And it continues until you either kill the boss or you reach the turn cap where it is then instantly gg you bad.


I could say a lot more but I think this is enough to grip your attention, if you've even made it this far into the thread. I'll bulletpoint the rest to give you an idea because trust me I held back when writing this so it wouldn't be too lengty:
  1. Custom-built bosses
  2. 3 of 5 levels prepared already
  3. Hall of Fame, with each run statistics being recorded by me in books to keep track (you won't get cancelled for having dream luck)
  4. Class upgrades, hidden shops & more

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Just seeing this now but this looks like a great concept. I hope to god that the general player base of CF likes this idea cause I don't want this to die out immediately.