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A repost so people will actually see it~

-big point - Check Commenly suggested Thread by Nakir!!! (Thanks to @Kqwi for reminding me)

Step 1:

A good suggestion needs WoW but first you need a title, use what you are suggesting in the title such as
"The ability to set plot weather"
Also use a prefix to help give an idea, for my example of weather it could be put under improvement or suggestion
Another example for say : "voxelsniper" you would use the plugin prefix

Step 2:
As I said you need WoW what I mean by this is you need to go in depth don't just use a few words it doesn't help, what does help is going in depth and describing what you want a lot, as it gives people a good idea at what and why you want this and why it should be added

Some do's and donts for this :
Do: So I'm suggesting this as I believe plot weather would be incredibly useful for things such as role plays ,setting the atmosphere in them and also making builds look much better depending on how the weather is, for example rain would look good on an area that could be made to look apocalyptic or destroyed, or snow fall would look good in a tundra zone.

Dont: id like this as I think it's good and it makes things better

You can see the two are very different

Step 4:
Use correct grammar and use descriptive words.
Yes this step does seem not too important but words can change the way it looks, as you see in my previous step I used the word incredibly this word is much more powerful than just saying "I think it would be good"
This shows what I meant by how words can change the look. Description is key, remember that for a good suggestion and to help show what you mean and make more people lean into wanting it to. The next part to this step is grammar, mistakes make the suggestion look sloppy and not well thought of. Make it look professional, make it look neat and tidy, trust me it'll help.

Step 5:
Pros and cons, a wonderful thing, but I cannot stress enough, do not just list pros, if there are cons, talk about them, but word it so it isn't ruining it, such as "weather yes might cause lag, but the lag wouldn't be too large and the weather would benefit more than cause issues" don't make it look perfect when it isn't, but also don't make it so the cons you listed ruin it. Such as this " weather causes lag though which will probably be a major issue" remember that

Well that was my guide everyone, I hope you liked it and it with benefit you in future suggestions if I missed anything or made mistakes please tell me!
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Just a little suggestion to this thread: Maybe you can also add that people should check the 'Commonly Suggested Items' Thread before making a suggestion?