1.11 update


Server Owner
Creative Fun 1.11 Update

Hi all,

This is just an update on the current status of the server. We've moved to full 1.11 in what I would say was a fairly smooth transition and changed the build hub spawn. 1.11 introduced some new mobs which will shortly become available for donators. Llamas, vindicator and evoker pets have already been added but expect to see husk, vex and stray available soon along with other mobs that are currently unavailable. Disguising as these mobs will also be possible.

There have been multiple reports of players distributing modified items and we have put in place new measurements which will now automatically remove these items when they are used. While it may seem fun to be able to run with super speed please understand that this can ruin the game-play experience for certain roleplays which I have received many complaints about.

On rare occasions there can be issues where the server may disconnect lots of players at the same time due to a connection failure which results in the hub becoming full and commands running slow. In a few days we plan to add multiple hubs to avoid the issue of the hub becoming full on server restarts/crashes along with making commands more stable in this type of event.

The recently added command which is /heads has received a lot of positive feedback so we'll be updating it every so often to include even more heads. In the past two weeks we've added 150 new heads to the list. In terms of new features for the server we are currently experimenting with VoxelSniper (a terraforming tool) and hoping to have it available alongside worldedit in the upcoming month.