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    last post wins

    i have no pine i have apple i have no pineapple
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    Lets write a story using one word at a time.

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    last post wins

    I didn't win
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    welcome! have an invisible donut.

    welcome! have an invisible donut.
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    RPG Ideas

    add a space hip how would you have rpg mechanics? that sounds very interesting, but i can't envision how it would work.
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    CF Terror Town, a western-themed Halloween fest - ACTORS NEEDED!

    I'll pop in if I'm online at the time... but i'm horrifically lazy and live in a european timezone but anyway best of luck, and have fun :)
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    Post a quote

    "AZKABAN" -The sorting hat when sorting Umbridge.
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    If you had to be any kind of plant, what would you be?

    I want to be a sloth ...they're not a plant? i want to be a sloth except it's also a plant
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    Count until girls stop us

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    Post a quote

    "meow, meow, i'm a cow"
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    All the stupid jokes

    what did the teapot say to the chalk? nothing, you silly - teapots don't talk. ~shel silverstein
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    last post wins

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    I bet the person below me . . .

    i know what it is - delight in others' suffering >:3 i bet the person below me has posted here an even number of times.
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    Patently Smart(?)

    Go to sleep at day. this is becoming indistinguishable from patently stupid, but i love this game anyway --- Problem: I don't know how to play piano.
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    A tale of zero onions, a fridge, and 3 spontaneous crashes.

    Hi all! Today my computer's been crashing. 3-hour story short, I figured out something on the inside was probably clogged with dust and overheating when I did CPU-intensive things (though the outside wasn't hotter than normal), so I stuck the computer in the fridge. I've been having less issues...
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    words based on the previous message

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    Patently Smart(?)

    try being alive instead! you should have thought of that before you died this is a literal necropost uh use your amazing undead abilities to impress people! ---- i don't have a donut