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  1. IAmAFox

    Give us feedback! (11th March 2018)

    What does the cf community think about the recent updates to disabling mods, and the addition of the discord music bot? Share your thoughts here, we’re listening!
  2. IAmAFox

    Give us feedback (11th February 2018)

    What does the community of CF feel about the server as of now. What do you like? What don’t you like? Do you like it here? Tell us! We want to listen.
  3. IAmAFox

    Small Mountain Pixel Art.

    One of my favorite works.
  4. IAmAFox

    Last year Test Art

    Stopped drawing due to relationship reasons that really killed my mood and motivation.
  5. IAmAFox

    YOU | The Meaning behind the Mask.

    What was once the brightest thing in my life. Now just a darkness I can’t get out my head. YOU Some cruddy old writing I never thought I would make. The pain that I’ve gone through because of YOU is beyond Imaginable. Our history lingers in Every Object I see, the plushies, the necklaces, and...
  6. IAmAFox

    People who wrote me a letter on a wall. Thank you!

    @BeachedAly Super Super Cool 17yr Club @Peridoxic Coolest boi indeed <o/ Thanks for setting it up for me @Pie3 Im your fav chatmod <3 Ure my fav chatmod aswell ;D @christmasleah Thank you. For setting this all up. Velveet Madveeeet @Innardia U arent annoying ;D @Nxzomeita kassppp u is gret...
  7. IAmAFox

    Get Kasper a Microphone

    For hundreds of years. Our @Gaisce has lived without a Microphone. Donate $1 to help out poor old Kasper. Let's all make his Christmas Memorable. To hear that beautiful voice. (Just a joke)
  8. IAmAFox

    Discouraged Topics (Server Wise)

    This thread is about the Discouraged Topics & Messages - Unwritten in the Rules. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Made this thread to tell users about Discouraged Topics which aren't...
  9. IAmAFox

    Warn Feature (Unofficial)

    Warn does NOT get added to Total Mutes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I made this thread as (for now) we don't have an official thread about warns, it's rather new therefore there's...
  10. IAmAFox

    SuperMonis the Floating/Flying Fish?

    This was hilarious. I just came across @SuperMonis floating on the ground.
  11. IAmAFox

    Showcase IAmAFox Pixel Art Builds

    1. This is of a girl that I know in real life. And has been a big part of my happiness. It took 11 hours to build. No w/e. Grace. 2. Something for @Miirvcle. Just because he's cool.
  12. IAmAFox

    Re-Introduction | IAmAFox

    Well... Herrrooo eberyyynyannn I'm creating this thread because I may seem like a mystery person that appeared out of nowhere. So... My Name is IAmAFox, but please call me Dan. One of CF’s newest staff Members (ChatMod) and oh how Grateful that day was, started crying. I'm 16 and Indonesian...
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