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    Just a trashy drawing :>

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    Rarest item

    Well I found a dragon egg on cf on Antitankers plot lol. This is the rarest item I have come across so far. The plot that this is on also has a lot of cool things ÙwÚ
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    /Home ParkourNOVA not my plot tho
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    Why cf3 is haunted

    I always say that cf1 is haunted but-
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    /Home GAMEShelf

    Hiya cf. I'm working on a build project, which is still being built, however we hope to finish it soon. /Home GAMEShelf is where we will be putting in lots of fun games that many play on cf. The thing that will make it interesting is that you can host it even without staff there but it is...
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    Sorry I had to or I'll be haunted

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    Hoii (Re-Intro)

    Hi guys it's me riibot. I've changed a lot since my old introduction soo- Well, first things first, I'm riibot, however, feel free to call me by my real name which is Quinn I'd say I have a real energetic personality but sometimes I can be really serious lol. I love building and I apparently...
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    /Home MafiaModdes

    /Home MafiaModdes Hiya uwu buddies, me, @ChloeTheCookie , @WilxYeet and @Fishing_Koreans have been building a mafia game. Sure, it's like others, however we would both really like to share it with y'all. Currently, we are still building but it may be finished soon. If you have any questions...
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    Today, I'll be making apps so you can help build the animal crossing rp. I may try to remake the rp box but for now, I'll be focusing on accepting apps. It would be much preferred if you could apply at /Home AnimllCrosing. Hope to see you there!
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    fish appreciation

    look at this cutie
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    Double rainbow!!!

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    /P staff Problem

    I'm having a problem where I can't remove staff from my plot. If I do /p remove it just says Player not found. Also it's been happening for weeks. Can anyone help me?
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    Animal Crossing Rp

    This may end up as a massive fail but I'd like to make an animal crossing rp. It could be possible, however, there may not be many roles as there are only a few villagers in each town and it would have to be first come and first serve to become a mayor but I will hopefully figure that out uwu...
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    Removed Art

    soz I deleted it. It was just not cool
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    Im scared to do this -w-

    Hi uwu. I'm xcryinqchibi (you probably already know that) but most people call me chibi. I enjoy anime and writing stories. I enjoy helping others and sketching. Normally, I'm found rping or building. I adore making new friends and getting to know others. Ok thats all uwu
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    Help build the bathhouse rp!

    Hiya cf! I week or two ago, I made a thread about a spirited away rp and that was when I realised I couldn't build it on my own -w- If you'd like to apply go to /Home SpiritApply Thankyou!
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    Spirit bathhouse (Based on Spirited away)

    Heya Cf. I watch too much anime but if you watched, you can agree that spirited away is fantastic so I've decided that soon I'll start. So what happens is a human comes into the spirit's world and is treated differently compared to the spirits. She has to work for Yubaba, the head of the...