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  1. Satvn

    glitched plot path

    havent checked this in about a week but finally regained access to my mine craft files so as i mentioned awhile back i found the plot path next to my cf3 plot had glitched and was a mixture of dirt and quartz i have cord as its not next to my plot but for reference my username is HeartlxsSoul...
  2. Satvn

    Is ranting legal ?

    If not. Then this is criticism The server is going downhill. You can’t deny it CF was incredibly some months ago. The rules weren’t horrible. Only good suggestions went on. Everyone was fine. I’ve come back here not long ago and everything is just wrong Protection of children went to a new...
  3. Satvn

    Q & A boi's

    k I wanna be a part of this trend cus I'm a stale meme so ask away I guess :)
  4. Satvn

    A guide to a good suggestion -

    A repost so people will actually see it~ -big point - Check Commenly suggested Thread by Nakir!!! (Thanks to @Kqwi for reminding me) Step 1: A good suggestion needs WoW but first you need a title, use what you are suggesting in the title such as "The ability to set plot weather" Also use a...
  5. Satvn

    Just Talk

    'Tis just a general talking thread, feel like letting something out? Just wanna have a nice conversation with someone. Well you guessed it! Make some friends idk it's a general talk thread you can do what you please, just comply with the rules and we are A ok my friends. So here you go What's...
  6. Satvn

    req thread lock

    - req thread lock @Naariii @Nakir got an answer from online staff
  7. Satvn

    pets (horse) glitches

    ok so basically, horses sometimes (most of the time) when you ride around, and then dismount, you get teleported away to one of your past travel locations, which is incredibly annoying because you dismount you are not where you want to be. i have no video of it as i couldn't upload a file, but...
  8. Satvn

    The Secret Revealed

  9. Satvn

    smart moving mod

    is smart moving mod allowed, that mod that just makes ur movement better? like crouches, crawls, swimming better and stuff
  10. Satvn

    just wondering

    ok so listen up kids i know what your like, all I'm asking is a Simple question yes see the word simple, i will request a lock if any arguments start or people getting salty for no reason. so yea without making your entire answer about how its used as offence more than not, id like to know why...
  11. Satvn


    just wondering why we can no longer use the /tree command, it was incredibly useful but when I try use it, it says the command is blocked?
  12. Satvn

    Usernames pls I need heelp

    k so yea the title explains it, I didn't even use the username I have cus holidays but I wanna change it but yea some ground rules 1. Gotta be available 2. No numbers or underscores Yea make it aesthetic or something maybe replace some letters with x or like z idk, get creative :) Names max...
  13. Satvn

    For the popular British show "love island" fans

    Yea fam went on a trip searching for the villa (they like love island) we found the other casa but I have no photos of it P.S that's the villa used in the show, we got stopped by security twice lol
  14. Satvn

    A Moment of Silence For Our Lord God Meme and Childhood

    Say your blessings i am aware he is still with us but i had to do this
  15. Satvn

    =-Server Plot Issues-=

    Hello All, Ive made the thread as many people have been agitated and or incredibly confused on the recent bug that is damaging CF2 and i believe CF3 The glitch for those of you that are not aware, the glitch occurring is a memory issue that is causing parts of plots or the entire plot to...
  16. Satvn

    A Guide To Grief Reporting

    so i see a lot of people reporting grief wrong. so heres a guide! Step One: So when you make your report thread add your photo of the grief, make sure to use /inspect and right/left click with the clock This photo is not showing the grief details or the inspection clock due to making this...
  17. Satvn

    Showcase Camp Night

    Decided to showcase my rp on the forums just to give a view of it to those who haven't seen it so i could just show the build. camp night is a semi-old rp now its well over some months but it took time and effort to build. props to MaskedMoon though who did most of the building and in my eyes...